PHS pictures, etc.

Here are pictures from grades 1 through 7.  Anyone who can identify some of our classmates from the early years please send me a note.  If you have other pictures, please send them also.   

   Now for the High School information...  first the Peninsula High fight song!

Our hats are off to you Pen High!
Through all the years for you we live and die
The hopes of the Northwest, we'll always do our best
To win the fight and do what's right
Rah! Rah!
The fairest colors in the land are green and white
And we will guard them with all our might
We are proud of you and we'll always do
Our best for you Pen High!

This is an album of photos from high school - currently they are primarily from our Junior year plus a few from graduation, but more will be added as they are either scrounged out of the catacombs (basements, old albums, etc.) of the committee members OR sent to us by YOU.   


This is the last Outlook issue of our senior year.


These are pictures from the 20-year reunion on August 19, 1989.


Here is a link to the Peninsula High School Web page.

Here is a link to the Peninsula Hawks Scholarship Fund.