Bossy Ladies Luncheon

This group of Bossy Ladies Society have to much fun when we get together! Fun times @ The PorterHouse Bar and Grill! With Debbie Ingold Parrish, Cathy Stack Hill, Rita Wade Capps, Bobbie Main Brown, Sylvia Troxler Leclair, Kathy Spinks Dillon, Carolyn Bouldin Lloyd Pat Caudle Kelly, Carolyn Joyner Townsend, Cecelia Cook Gannon, Annette Crews Marshburn, Anita Grasser Williams and Phyllis Tew Alley.  We missed Mary Jo Farrow Jones & all the Bossy Ladies who couldn't make it today!  Poor Patrick had the tables all set up!  The Bossy Ladies rearranged everything they wanted to be closer together!  They really wanted to hear all the conversations going on!  Thanks Patrick for putting up with this crazy bunch of ladies!  No alcohol was consumed only water, tea and coffee!  We don't need alcohol to have fun! Love all of these dear ladies!  See you in March 2015!