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Missing Classmates

Anyone that has not registered on our website is placed on the missing list...

The Committee is maintaining this website as our main tool to communicate any reunion details, which also provides us a means to send broadcast emails to those who have registered.  We also have a Facebook page that you can request to join to you get any info/update posts. These tools also provide a way for classmates to communicate with each other or put things on our Message Forum.

We no longer maintain a seperate database or spend the long hours it takes trying to find mailing addresses for those on this list, nor are we spending funds on mailing paper invitations.  This Website and our Facebook Page provide the easiest methods for our class to find us if they wish, as well as providing the committee the tools to plan, communicate and do online ticket purchases.  If you see someone on this list that you are in contact with and are thinking "they aren't missing", they are to the committe, so please ask them to visit our website and register.  It's free and simple to do and you control your privacy settings.  (See our Privacy Policy/FAQs Page).  And if you are seeing yourself on this list, thanks for finding us and please register.