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05/09/08 06:13 PM #1    

Dick Roudebush

Welcome to the William Henry Harrison High School Class Of 1963 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

09/05/16 09:43 AM #2    

Pauline Landers (McNally)

Hi Barbara;


All is well with us.  We are still wintering in Fl for 6 months. 

My email address is

Sorry I don't look at our website very often.

Thank you for all you do and ty for birthday wishes.

Pauline Landers (McNally)


09/05/16 09:26 PM #3    

Robert Metz

Where at in Florida Pauline?

Bob Metz

09/06/16 10:13 AM #4    

Pauline Landers (McNally)

We are in Titusville on the intercostal waterway, right across the water from the Kennedy Space Center.

09/06/16 06:23 PM #5    

Barbara Scovazzo (Metz)


Hi Pauline,

It is wonderful to hear from you.  It has been really hot in Ohio this summer never enough cool breeze.  I'll update you email on the web site for you.  There is some discussion about our 55th reunion.  Plenty of time yet so no news to report just yet.




05/30/21 08:40 AM #6    

Dwight Smith


Class of 1963,

I drove by W.H.H.S. the other day-thought about our graduation 58 years ago.  Then yesterday, I attended a grandson's graduation and again, lots of thoughts came and went, mingled with memories of many of you all.  If there existed such a book, I would read each one of your lives' stories.  I am satisfied that each one would be uniquely special and interesting.  Peace to you all, and blessings to you and to those you care about.  Stay healthy, enjoy yourselves, and each other.



05/30/21 05:16 PM #7    

Judy Moellers (Peters)

Touched by your beautiful message, Dwight. I immediately went to your profile and realized that we might walk right past each other and never know it. I will try to update my picture. Please do the same. 
I live in The Villages, FL. Loving my State right now and not just because of my great Governor. I love being warm. I love kayaking on our beautiful waterways and Springs. 
My youngest sister and I just got home from 5 days in the FL Keys. It was on my bucket list. Linda was so kind to accompany me.  
To answer your curiosity, my husband has dementia and it was great to get away from that for a short time.

Judy Moellers Peters
May 30, 2021

05/31/21 06:17 PM #8    

David Lehman

To Dwight Smith: Thanks for your wonderful post;  I hope you have fond memories of these two events that for some reason stand out in my 75 year old brain..WE grew up about 6 0r 7 houses apart on Hill street...Somehow our parents gave us 11 cents to get a coke and bag of peanuts from Bradies next to the shoe factory..We would sit with our backs to the factory, add the peanuts to the cokes and just talk as 9 or 10 yeard olds.!! The other memory in that same time frame..Chuck Mericle lived across the street from you. One night we were hanging out and his Dad came outside and saw us and said to you "Whitey, if you dont get a coat on. you will freeze your ass off"  Not sure why I remember this but it always brings a smile to my face.Hope all is well with you..Dave Lehman



06/02/21 08:46 AM #9    

Dwight Smith

I actually remember Chuck's dad saying that, and the peanuts and Coke. We also sat on my front porch a few summer nights and sang Vaya con Dios at the top of our lungs!  Margie and my sister Mildred played Canasta on your front porch.  I also recall your mom bringing our family supper when my mom was in the hospital. Hope you and your loved ones are doing well. Enjoy yourselves!

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