Billy Brummett

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Billy Brummett
Residing In: Palm Harbor, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: Peg
Occupation: Retired I.T. Director
Children: 2 Daughters-4 grandchildren-1 pembroke welsh corgi
Billy Brummett


Yes! Attending Reunion
What was your High School nickname?


Funniest incident ever?

after explaining to the truant officer as he entered tobins pool hall in the middle of a $5 game of pool how i 'actually' couldnt go back to class that moment because i was in the middle of a big game.

he explained that he was going to 'actually' take me to judge sanders across the street if i didnt return to school with him immediately. i paid my $5 and went with him back to school. funny guy.......

Most embarrassing incident?

me and jerry huffman jumped out the bathroom window at the redwood rest. after a football game to escape paying for our hamburgers. result? 2 weekends in jail. coming back to school after that was mortifying. if not for gary and larry pressing me, i was looking at never coming back! here's some irony, the only thing jerry and i saw from the hogtown jail was the back of the redwood rest.!!!!

School Story:

byline in our school newspaper circa 1961...."robbin the cradle, u could hear sally hum it, every time she went out with billy brummett". i was a freshman, sally sartor a senior. besides being a nice person, she came with great perks. a boss 1958 olds 98 with a supercharged engine(which she let me drive) and a set of pre-augmented hooters that would win awards. i can hear springsteen in my head right now "glory days-glory days-glory days.!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Life Story:

after a couple of yrs at U.K., i worked 7 yrs. at IBM lexington. i then moved to tampa, finished college and worked in property mgmt. after graduation, i moved to L.A. and owned an IBM support business. divorced in 1980, i moved to manhattan, and worked(and played) there until 1983.
moved back to Tampa in 1983 and have been here since. i retired from the Pinellas Government as their I.T. Director. i spend my time on a sweet beemer motorcycle, on a golf course, or at home with my wife(peg) and corgi(hoot). i am the defacto guru for computer problems experienced by our bluehair golf members at our club(a mixed blessing).
something u may not know.......after my divorce in 1980 i ran kinda wild(wilder?) for a bit. i lived in a 32' sailboat in ft. lauderdale. had a small fridge and hibachi on my dock and did my wash in a bucket of cold water. hung my clothes to dry on the sail halyards. showered by holding a hose over my head. went to work by bicycle, and pedaled each day to mack/shaw sails, where i was an apprentice sailmaker.


random memories:
copying from my ancient history book during a test, aggie pointing his finger at me, saying "mr brummett, u are confused, this is a closed book test".

jim patrick and jerio smith fighting in the parking lot over dianne shaw
jack mcgoo and hadden dean on dry branch road, fighting over dianne shaw.
i think shaw's dad ran corning. my mom used to laugh at what a service corning did by bringing all the new yorkers to hogtown, which diluted the gene pool. we were getting a bit "deliverance" like from everyone marrying relatives.

me, gary and larry, in the front seat of the 'green bomb' heading up to TT Lyons' station on 127 for a daily quart or re-refined oil(10 cents a quart). the 'green bomb' was our shared datewagon, the back seat reserved for dates. putting your foot down on the rear floorboard was risky, and often resulted in your shoe sticking to the floor.

aaron mobley and linda coleman, cruising jerry's in danville, looking absolutely 'perfect'.

always in the hallways between classes..........that blond headed phillips boy with his steady girl, fighting with each other.

gary and bobby lou slow dancing(dry humping?) at
the redwood at a friday nite sock-hop.

kay and keith, in the hallway between classes, usually fighting(ala that phillips kid).

kay redoing a 'treeleaf classification' project for me after i turned in a handful of random leaves from young's park in a shoebox. libby and her mom helping me cram for the final in that class, then just giving up and calling kolossa and telling him to give me a good grade. i got a C.

larry, gary and i, sprinting for our lives from young's park haloween night after we took a 2 man tree saw and cut down a HUGE tree, just for grins. problem? the damn thing sounded like hiroshima when it fell, all the porch lights from the burtons to the keightleys came on immediately. we didnt stop running until we were deep into the fairgrounds.

mr ellis, getting enculturated his first week in american history class.... after a week of taking roll, he inquired of ansel smith why he had been absent the first week. ansel answered simply, "jail". that same week, after calling roll for a mysterious bobby moe for 5 or 6 days and nobody answering, with the class's help, we deduced that was probably bobby meaux(mukes), sitting in the back of class all the time.

me, charles bugg, and kookie burns, meeting at the dairy queen by corning each morning at 6am for a break from delivering papers. dr ballards wife up on cane run always left her car wide open, with a carton of pall malls on the dash. so we always had plenty of cigarrettes. we also nipped enough chocolate milk from porches to satisfy our thirst.(thanks to ray ritchie).

larry barnett, absolutely jamming me with geometry
formulas before the final. mr stevens had threatened not to pass me, which meant i couldnt graduate. i still dream of those formulas, angle/side/angle.....side/angle/side....pi-d...pi-r nauseum.

me, after 8 yrs of parochial school, standing up to answer teacher's questions the first week of my freshman yr. kids looking at me like i have 3 heads. NOBODY stands up in public school to answer questions.

sitting in a booth after school at the drugstore with trisha mayes, rubbing toes and listening to the beatles' "i want to hold your hand". by my senior year, i was completely nippy-nuts over her. we would later create a couple of smart, beautiful daughters together.

taking a shortcut across bill cook's yard at 5am delivering papers on my bicycle on a sunday morning in the pouring rain. i was so loaded with papers, i couldnt see over the handlebars, and hit a ditch next to a blacktop driveway with my front wheel. papers went everywhere, some all the way down to the street. they were soaked, and ruined. i just sat there by myself, bawling my eyes out...........i still have paper route dreams.

me and jimmy patrick taking a mess of fish we'd just caught to old blind judge gortney on a sunday afternoon. we went to court monday on a speeding infraction, case dismissed.

election day:patrick and mei(his dad was head of county republican party) in a pickup truck with several cases of half pint whiskeys. we would go down by the armory, pick up a load of unregistered african americans, haul them to the courthouse, show them the booth and which stick to pull for staight republican, haul them back to the armory and give each a half pint. we'd then pick up another load....on and on............all day.

frozen with fear while dancing with chubby freshman debs at lexington cotillion. conversations from them about entering suwanee or centre for their mrs. degrees. me not knowing even what i'm gonna do the next day. talk about a fish out of water! this was undoubtedly a "noblisse oblige" from the dedmans, very loving and well-meaning always to me.......but sometimes the old 'square peg/round hole' rule applies.

memories of me, larry and garry, barnett and cooke all buck naked in a barn on warwick pike at midnight being hazed by the KEY club seniors for admission to KEY club. mcgee, boggs, hatchett et al required us to sit on several olives placed on a flat seat, then with our buttocks, pick up the olives. i swear, i'm not makin this up! here's what is even more ridiculous, besides getting our pix in the yearbook as KEY club members, there wasnt one earthly thing of value to be had in being a member.
we just didnt know that as freshman, and probably thought KEY membership really meant something.
serves us right, we should have been tipped off by the olive stuff.

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