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04/12/08 08:46 AM #6    

Tonja Harris

What Val, having a ball? We would have never guessed it. Man you are going to be bored after it's all said and done.

04/12/08 09:48 PM #7    


Valerie Edwards (Clay-Bey)

I know. I don't know what I'm gon' do. Pray for me!!!

04/20/08 04:58 AM #8    

Cynthia Williams (Ferguson)

What is the official cut off time for sending in your registration for the banquet? And if help is still needed on commitee could you contact me?

04/21/08 02:42 PM #9    

Angela (Ann) Scott (Easterling)

Hello Class of 83'

Just want to give a shout out to all who attended our first fundraiser at the Bowling Alley. We had a great time. It was just the beginning of a great reunion coming up in July. Thanks to everyone who participated and came out to make this a fun event. We will be having another one in the very near future so stay tuned!!

04/21/08 07:09 PM #10    


Valerie Edwards (Clay-Bey)

Hi Cynthia,

The due date for the reunion payment is June 1st. I will be sending out a reminder package this week. Is your complete address updated on the website? If not, send it to me directly so I can add you to the mailing list.


04/28/08 10:51 AM #11    

Tonja Harris

Come on Yall lets do dis'. If ya haven't at least registered by now get on it! The time is quickly approaching us and you don't want to miss out on a blast. Heck we have fun at the meetings with just a few of us so just imagine reunion weekend!...
cya there

05/02/08 02:31 PM #12    

Angela (Ann) Scott (Easterling)

OK, the time has come again! We are having another Bowling Party on Friday, May 16, 2008 at Ten Pin Bowling alley in South Windsor. We had a great time before and plan to do the same. Come on out and get reacquainted with your peeps! Make sure your Reunion financial biz-ness is in order and just plain have fun. Most of the committee members will be on hand for questions and to make sure you have a great time. This is an ANNSCOTT production! SEE-YA!

05/07/08 08:35 AM #13    

Sabrina Brown (Myers)


07/11/08 04:23 PM #14    

John Martinez

Hey Val...I meet you on Wednesday at Joel's restautant on Albany ave....I'm sorry I will not be able to attend, it was to short of a notice. My 6 year old daughter is up from Florida.

I think your're doing a great job.


07/12/08 11:37 AM #15    

Yolanda Figueroa (Ward)

Wow, what a great event that was last night. First of all to all the committee members and the volunteers that helped ~ my hat goes off to you for putting together such a great event! I am more than positive that tonight will be even better. Your hard work did not go unnoticed. Thank you.

It was awesome seeing everyone that came through last night. I am so looking forward to tonight.

Take care and God bless.


07/13/08 10:45 PM #16    

Rosalyn Stevens

First in foremost my hat goes off to the reunion committee, and any body that helped pulled off this magnificent weekend. It was fantastic to see the class of 83 looking and doing so well. Again I say we are a good looking bunch. I know that the classmates that has gone on before were looking down from heaven smiling. The ones that did not show up for one reason or another missed a spectacular 25th reunion. I hope this would be the of start rekindling old friendships and starting new friendships. Once more the reunion committee did an outstanding job. Here’s to keeping in touch, my e-mails addresses are or Yet again I just wanted to say thanks for a fabulous time.

Rosalyn Stevens

07/13/08 11:28 PM #17    

Yolanda Figueroa (Ward)

If I thought that Friday was great, Saturday was even better. Thank you to the committee for working so hard so that we could have a memorable reunion. I feel so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful class. I will remember and hold this weekend in my heart for many years to come.

I'd like to say something to all of those that were there this weekend and those that couldn't make it, right now my sister Carmen and I are going through a very rough time in our lives. Our father is dying of liver disease. We both felt so blessed that for a few hours we were able to laugh and smile and enjoy ourselves, even though our hearts are broken. We don't know how long we have with our dad but one thing we know is that every single moment that we have with him is a moment that we treasure. For all of you out there that might have a family member that you have not seen in a long time, say a prayer for them. Reach out to them. Make your peace with them. Life is just too short not to.

Let's remember those that are less fortunate than ourselves. Let's give someone a helping hand. Let's talk to our kids and show them that there is a better way. Let's remember those that are overseas fighting for our country so that we can feel safe. Let's do the right thing. Let's love one another. Let's keep in touch.

Class of 83 ~ it was a pleasure seeing all of you this past weekend. Let's never forget where we came from and where we are going...God bless and may he keep all of you safe.

Your friend

07/14/08 11:41 PM #18    


Valerie Edwards (Clay-Bey)

Yolanda & Carmen,

My prayers are with you and your family. I am truly happy that the class reunion was able to offer you guys a small beacon of light during such a trying time in your lives. Hold on and keep the faith.

Btw, it was great seeing both of you :)

Let's keep in touch.


07/18/08 12:14 AM #19    

Lynda Carter

Being quiet-as-a-mouse in school, I'm sure I missed out on some good times, however, times have changed and I had a ball last Saturday! I had conversations and shared laughs and hugs with folks that I know I never said two words to back in the day. I think I even shocked myself by shaking my booty on the dancefloor...something I never would have even considered years ago. Party over here, whoop, whoop!!

My tablemates and those who visited our table kept the good times going througout the nights' festivities. I now wish I had attended both nights...but there's always the next reunion, God willing.

Committee members, you did an excellent job in coordinating the event(s). It was instantly evident that you poured much heart-felt time, sweat, and tears into the reunion planning. Bravo to you all, excellent job!

I'll see at our next reunion.


Lynda M. Carter

07/19/08 02:51 PM #20    

Marc Gulley

Hello Everyone, I'm not a classmate but all of you made me feel right at home! I am Thalya Gulley Marc's Wife, and I just wanted to say thanks for an excellent weekend. It was so much of a first class event, I am almost ashamed to take Marc to my 25th reunion in October, because you know he has jokes : ). You are a wonderful group of people, may God continue to bless you all, and THANKS again.

07/20/08 08:40 PM #21    


Valerie Edwards (Clay-Bey)

Well Ms. Thalya,

It was really nice to see you again :) I need to get down to Georgia real soon and pay you guys another visit.

I am so glad that you felt like you belonged there with us, that's exactly what we were hoping for for all the spouses and significant others.

I hope for your sake that your reunion is just as successful as ours was 'cause we do know how Marc



07/21/08 08:54 AM #22    

Angela (Ann) Scott (Easterling)

Wow! Did we have a great time or what? I am so proud to have been apart of the awesome committee that put this all together. We want all of our classmates to know that it was not an easy task but throughout the entire process we just wanted to serve you and give you the best 25th Reunion possible. It is so good to hear such positive feedback. Mr. McKinley's words were so appropriate, we have to cherish our relationships and cultivate new ones. Everybody please keep in touch via this tool that we have at our fingertips. We plan on doing even bigger and better things in the future.

p.s. I gave all of you a credit that owe me money for those lunch tix. You all were looking so good I couldn't bring myself to collect my money. Consider it a "rap"!

Peace ya'll

Ann Scott

07/21/08 08:56 AM #23    

Melissa Davis

Kudos to all the committe members for making our 25th class reunion a success. Everything was done in excellence and class.

07/21/08 03:56 PM #24    

Martin Jones

First to all my class mates thank you for a wonderful weekend if it were not for you the hard work would not have been worth the pain. To my committee members and partners in crime you all did such a great job that some of the things even suprised me. What a great touch with the toast that put the exclimation point on the hole weekend. Lets stay in touch people, it should not be another 25 yrs before the next one. Be safe, be happy and be loving to the next one soon. Remember we are not old just better so dont let them fool you.

12/25/08 04:45 PM #25    

Tonja Harris

Yes I know I am way late:-(. I've been busy, but yes we all had a ball I know I did. I am looking for the next one hopefully in ten years and not fifteen.
Good to see a lot of folks.

Valerie & Dexter I would like to thank you for your contribution to my Charity Christmas function.

Love & Peace

02/01/09 09:36 PM #26    

Kota Andrews

hey everyone some people can be found on its free as well

02/04/09 12:02 PM #27    

Angela (Ann) Scott (Easterling)

Everyone please keep encouraging our classmates to update their profile on this website so that when Val sends out messages etc. it will go to everyone at one time. The other websites are good but this is the tool we have to communicate with everyone at the same time. We need your email addresses and contact info. The Spring/Summer season is approching and that is when we try to do most of the fundraising for future class events. Keep in touch everyone!

Ann Scott

07/12/09 05:30 PM #28    

Alonzo Holder

Hello Classmates,
Please except my apolize for not attending the reunion. I am so happy to see the classmates family looking so well and full of spirts. please continue to stay in touch each other for ever.I am not going to wait five years to see you guys. I will email u well in advance when I am in CT.
Take care classmates family. Great job to the class commitee for making this dream come true. may god continue blessing you and your families.

03/14/12 04:58 PM #29    


Herline Hill

Hello classmates! Any plans yet for our 30 year reunion?

11/28/13 07:58 AM #30    

Floyd Gray

Helllo All,

It has been 3 long since I have ventured on this site. II have just a few important notes to share. One of which is tthat  another classmate, Aramndo Rodriguez, has past. I have no more information other than it has been over six months. I made further inquiries, but yielded no additional info..May he Rest in Peace. On a more positive note- when a memory is satisfying, savory it over and over, and over again. Val, you've done a masterful job with our reunion.  I am inclined to publicizing ithis fact.  I somewhat feel sorry for you, for what do you do for an encore?. Regardless of the the future, pleasure was well represented.  Happy Holidays to you and your family and likewise to The Class.



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