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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Cedarburg, WI USA
Occupation: Retired Realtor AZ, MT, & ID
Children: David, born 1966, and Julie, born 1972
5 grandchildren

Wow! hard to believe it's 50 many memories are surfacing after reading all the bios...great web site and great job being done by all....thanks. I, like many others have had many experiences over the years, but in a nut shell......married in 1963, moved to Palm Springs, CA in 1970, on to Bakersfield, CA in 1975 and to Phoenix/Scottsdale in 1979 and called that home until 1999. Long term marriage ended in 1989 and new life and careers took me to Alaska several times, worked for The Museum of Northern AZ spending much time working with our Native American culture, and a 2 year career in The Teton National Park. In 2007 I followed my son, his wife and my 3 grand kids, currently ages 3, 5, and 9 to Eagle, ID and this summer will be living and working in West Yellowstone, MT - another adventure. Will be spending lots of spare time following my photography avocation, and learning to improve my new found interest in fly fishing and flat water kayaking....still an outdoor gal...but need to put on those dress up clothes and head for the city now and then. Hoping to attend our reunion and renew old acquaintances. Thanks to Eric Engberg for the great job finding so many of us who have been "lost"

July 2014: Still residing in the Boise ID area (not Iowa as so many get this mixed up??? lol) Have scaled down and simplified thus allowing more fun exploring the NW with camera and hiking much beauty and wildlife. No big city life for this gal....I'm not lost, just wandering....grandkids now older and love to spend quality time together finding new adventures...And yes, I think I've got Windows8 almost mastered, but when stumped, there's those "young" ones who can go circles around the keyboard. I'm independent and my mind still says I'm - oh lets say 50 - and I continue to keep on doing, and going until the body says - hey maybe not quite 50!...I remain healthy and thank God. If you've never explored ID, and you're still wandering too, add to your bucket list and you will no be disappointed - that is if you like wilderness and beauty.......stay healthy and keep on moving moving moving that body.

january 2023!!! Just took another trip around the sun January 11th - and here's to still keep on going and adding/subtracting more to do's.....on my bucket list. experienced my first scary tornado too close for comfort...staying winters in RV about 4 mi. away along trail of destruction....central AL tall pine forests,no H2O or water a few days - never too old to camp....ha ha...I wish all of my 1959 classmates best of health and remember to pick up your feet!!! and "keep on truckin"
Hugs to all, Gail

School Story:

Attended William Woods College - now University! in MO.
Arizona School of Real Estate - Scottsdale AZi
Ongoing education in life's ups and downs

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My Dear Gail. I want to wish you an early Happy Birthday. I hope you are super healthy and planning a fun Birthday event, Life is getting shorter so do something nice for yourself. I hope to see you again Next year. Ron Weiland

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Hi Ron, last time we talked I was living and working in Yellowstone...always been an out of doors gal living in Sherwood forest - the other side of Hwy41 (skokie Hwy and the train tracks - so guess I came from the other side of the tracks as the saying goes...ha ha.....) thus not many Ravinia etc. friends during HPHS days, but you and I go back to Immaculate conception until 4th grade then off I went to Westridge - other side of the tracks again - ha ha and on to Edgewood till HPHS...I've lived a life of wandering and wonder and completed my bucket list before too old to accomplish...and now I'm in Cedarburg WI near family and only a couple of blocks from the "interurban" biking/walking trail that once was the "North Shore" train I often took to Chicago...guess I'm back close to "home".....devastated as others to the unbelievable tragedy this past week at the 4th of July parade....prayers to all who lost their lives and families grieving...also to our country - USA - which of late seems to have challenges we never dreamed would happen.....take care and keep taking those trips around the sun........semper Fi hugs, gail p.s. here's the road to keep following the sun......

Apr 13, 2022 at 10:16 AM

Happy Birthday and one more trip around the sun!!! I remember you well and smiled when
I saw this post. Ive been living off and on in Equality AL with partner last few years close to Lake Martin. and WOW not far from ya'all as they say....stay well and hope to hear from you. gail walsh

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Thank You Gail for thinking of me. I'm just fine, why complain. I"M in a U.S. Marine Complex in Dallas, Texas. It provides me with free Medical Care as I have advanced Pulmonary Hypertension and just survived a bout with CCP Chinese Communist Party... Virus. COVID, yes I made it through thanks to the brilliant physicians we have from UTTexas Southwestern, a famous Medical Complex here in Dallas. I hope your ok, you have always been an active rugged girl, and I suspect you have a soft warm heart. Merry Christmas Gail, be happy and enjoy that cool fresh air. God Bless You.

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Happy 80th birthdays to ya'al.... Alabama coast with the sea turtles instead of any "little giants". oh and alligators too! Recently relocated once again this time closer to home....I'm in Cedarburg, WI at least till the snow falls...had enough living in YNP/TNP a couple of winters, ID, Montana, and even Flagstaff AZ...took my bucket list in spurts while still able - no regrets....oh and 2+ months exploring Alaska with my golden to settle back into life in a bit faster lane....maybe....happy to read all the stories of my fellow hphs 1959 friends/acquaintances et al.....congratulations for lives well lived and sadly those we've lost....stay healthy and happy and keep movin

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Posted on: Jun 23, 2021 at 1:18 PM

Ron so glad to touch base once again.....I too have learned to start doing those dreams on my bucket list along the way ....why wait to work till you retire and then find yourself only able to be sitting on some ships lounge chair watching the water float by and missing life's experiences on land..I've been like this butterfly - free and lucky enough to
have learned to space work and play along the this butterfly pic I took....hard to find where I'll land next....God Bless and never forget Immaculate Conception School!!!

Jan 11, 2021 at 1:33 AM
Oct 20, 2020 at 10:46 AM

Congrats on another trip around the sun! Have a great birthday....oh yes, my kids said "too old to ice skate anymore"!!! WHAT??? when did they all become "the parents"???? stay safe and wear that wishes to you and family. Gail

Jan 11, 2020 at 1:34 AM
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