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19/07/21 03:38 PM #1    

Tom Sorensen

Rick Dowell, Da Big R, I emailed you back. You must have been to busy golfing in you desk with Jack Lambson building a green house. I plan on going to reunion , Tom aks "old cuss"

20/07/21 11:45 PM #2    


Jeff Edwards

Fellow Titans – as the 50 year reunion approaches, I thought it would be fun to look back 30 years to our reunion in the summer of 1991. Kerry Jensen and I did some video interviews and recorded the program led by Mike Archer and the dance  featuring Stuart Remington and Jeff Mackey and their band.

See how many folks you recognize back when we were all so gorgeous. And think of all the ones you will be able to see again at this year’s reunion.

All you need to do to watch it is to click on this link to see the video:

Let me know what you think of the video and who you are planning to look up at the reunion. You can reach me at

Go Titans!!

Jeff Edwards

09/08/21 01:07 PM #3    

Stephen Olsen

Thanks to everyone that has helped prepare for our 50th reunion.  It is going to be a lot of fun!  We will see you soon!  

Steve Olsen  

18/08/21 06:55 PM #4    

Stephen Olsen

Thanks to everyone who helped put together the greatest 50 year high school reunion I've ever attended!  

Seriously I had such a great time. Fred Law, we can't thank you and your committee enough for your hard work.  I thought every event was terrific. Barbara and I enjoyed seeing many old friends and making some new ones. Olympus class of 71 produced some really wonderful people.  Thanks for your friendship!  

19/08/21 05:52 AM #5    

Fred Law

Thank you Stephen, It was such a joy seeing you and all the wonderful classmates.  What a wonderful time!  I need to "shout out" to all the committee for the magnificent work, and all the classmates that did participate in this event.  I only wish that more could have attended.    Thanks!    Fred 

22/08/21 09:19 PM #6    

Karen Woodland (West)

Just over a week ago, the Olympus Class of 1971 came together for their 50 year class reunion! It was a wonderful event with over 180 in attendance. Many alumni reconnected and enjoyed the reminiscing of the times at Olympus. There were multiple photographers around the reunion taking video and candid shots that will soon be posted on this website. There will be an email sent to the class as soon as the photos are posted. 

There is a reunion survey now available for your feedback and suggestions. Please take the time to fill one out.

The committee did a wonderful job organizing the reunion and provided a great time for all. We would like to give a shout out to those that helped.

Fred Law, chairman, Robyn Warburton Seldin, Brent Newren, Cindy Rasmussen Buie, Merrilee Hughes Knight, Gary McGee, Jill Volker McGee, Kaye Taylor Madsen, Kim Stevenson, Matt Limburg, Mike Archer, Richard Pace, Robert Clements, Bill Mack, Steve Olsen and Karen Woodland West. 

Thank you to those of you that came to the reunion. It was great to see everyone and for those that were not able to attend, you were missed! We hope to keep the connections up to date and plan to gather each year for a "scaled down" event that will be communicated through the website. 

Please help us continue to find our missing classmates. Everyone is encouraged to update email addresses and profile information so that new communication can reach as many as possible. 

We are grateful for you, dear fellow Titans, for the part you played in shaping our lives 50+ years ago and since.

23/08/21 06:08 AM #7    

Fred Law

Yes, it was a wonderful Event, and I loved the time we spent together~ Olympus Class of 71 really ROCKS!  

Thank you all ~ 


23/08/21 07:09 PM #8    

Jacques Gohier

We are back in Indiana, and the joy of the reunion hasn't worn off.  It was really great.  I wish we had been able to talk to more old friends, but it was great to really catch up with a few.  Big kudos to the music man!  We had some pretty awesome music back then!

I actually kept a journal (not a very good one, unfortunately) of some of these first experiences in the USA and at Olympus.  What a trip down memory lane!  Thanks for those memories!  Suzanne and I read some entries on the plane, and one that sticks out was my total amazement at having the house where I lived toilet papered for my birthday.  I was told "this is because they like you" and responded "what do they do if they DON'T like you?"  :). 

Big thanks for the all the organizers, and for that database that Fred has been keeping.  I understand our class is rather unique to have such a tooled created and maintained. 



03/09/21 09:40 AM #9    


Kristine (Tina) Whitley (Paulos)

A VERY BIG thank you to Fred Law and all his hardworking reunion committee members for planning a wonderful OHS class of '71 50th Reunion on August 14, 2021! The setting was beautiful at the Cottonwood Country Club, the food was tasty, the DJ music was outstanding, the program was delightful, and the company was was the best! My husband Harold even mentioned to me that there was a really good feeling there. It tickled me that there were so many 68 year olds in one gathering! Ha! Ha! What great memories! Thanks again! Tina Whitley Paulos

09/01/22 05:04 PM #10    

Stephen Olsen

Just found out that Ken Minson passed away today.  He was a wonderful teacher and mentor.  I learned a lot from his classes in Genetics and Student Government.  Ken loved science.  You could tell it by the excitement he showed as he taught.  He worked hard to instill that enthusiasm in his students.  He was proud of the thousands of misquitos that he helped eliminate. (Ken was the director of the Salt Lake County Mosquito Abatement Department.)  If I remember right he was involved in research to genetically engineer deadly DNA into the mosquito population. Ken always had a smile on his face and a kind word of encouragement for us all. He, like many of our Titan friends will be greatly missed.  

10/01/22 09:41 PM #11    

Laurie Jones (Herrscher)

Mr. Minson was a favorite teacher of mine. His love of genetics and science kindled a life long interest in me. One of the great teachers at Olympus!

15/01/22 11:09 AM #12    

Stephen Olsen

For those interested here is a link to Ken Minson's obituary, viewing and funeral services: Park Ward is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

16/01/22 08:14 PM #13    

Laurie Jones (Herrscher)

Dear Classmates,

I have learned that Yvonne Hawkins Bent passed away on December 31, 2021. With sadness I am posting her obituary link. Many of us just saw her at the reunion in August. It is hard to believe her bright light and beautiful spirit are gone. In her short 68 years she accomplished much and touched the lives of many for good. I will miss her greeting at reunions.

Laurie Jones Herrscher

17/01/22 02:20 PM #14    

Debbie Condie (Ashby)

Thanks Laurie for letting us know about Yvonne... what a beautiful tribute to her life. She was always a joy to be around.

Debbie Condie Ashby

20/03/22 08:31 PM #15    

Dorine Currey (Rivers)

Great job on our Class of 1971 50th Reunion video! Many thanks to all who participated in creating it. Special thanks to all those who took photos, and Stevenson Mack, & Taryn and Wade Wright for your time and expertise in outputting it to a video we can all enjoy. I know what an undertaking this is and we all are grateful for your willingness to see it through in Oly style!

Dorine Currey Rivers

23/03/22 03:05 AM #16    


Jeff Edwards

Thanks to the photo crew for putting together the great video of the reunion for those of us who couldn't be there. Nice to hear from so many classmates and see some great friends. And thanks to Fred and the reunion committee for pulling this all together. Well done.

18/01/23 06:59 PM #17    

Jeffrey Mackay

Fellow Titans,

It is with a mix of great saddness and love that I announce the passing of our classmate Stuart Remington.  He died January 17, 2023 from complications of advanced daibetes and kidney failure. A very long tortured road.

Many of you will remember Stu as a photographer for the school mewspaper, and as a drummer with the Stage Band. It was there that Stu met Steve Camp that genius pianist and we formed Soapstone Mountain .  That was our first foray into being live musicians.  For fifty five years we played together with other folks that came and went.  But that nucleus of Stu, Steve, and myself was constant.  And like all of you we considered ourselves blesseed to come of age during one of the most incredible musical revolutions in history.

The Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, The Who, Santana, Dylan,  Grateful Dead, Zeppelin, Spirit, Tull.  If they came through Salt Lake we saw them live.  That music shaped us as people and is still relevant and resonates today.

I fondly remember one excited fan gushing over our band in Park City one night saying, " I can't believe you're a cover band!"  To which Stu shot back," Thanks, but so is the Utah Symphony"!  And if you think about it every symphony orchestra in the world "covers" Bethoven, Chopin, Mozart, Etc.  Our criteria was, if its great music then keep playing it.

But Stu was more than a musician.  He was devoted to his siblings.  Jeri, Bruce, and Lois are also Olympus alumni.  They were property owners together.  They vacationed together.  They cared for each other.  They were and are an example of love and friendship that is possible when siblings respect and love one another.

Though Stu never married , he had several significant relationships.  And in his declining years I often reflected on how blessed I am to have a wife and kids that love me and I was worried that Stu was alone. But his siblings and friends filled that gap.  Stu was never lonely and always cared for.  Just a few weeks ago I was telling him what an inspiration he was to me.  He got a blank unknowing look on his face and I said, "Stu,  most people in your situation would just give up or put agun in their mouth.  But when I ask you how you are doing, you always say the same thing;  " pretty good, all things considered!" "I don't want to be a burden to my loved ones!"

Well Stu you were never a burden.  And my life is richer for knowing you.

P.S.  To Elder Dale Renlund, I confess.  I'm the guy that stuffed the unpeeled orange up the chute of the vending machine just moments before you tried to buy an orange crush.  Did you ever get your quarter back  ?


19/01/23 08:54 AM #18    

Debby Denning (Josephson)

Jeff Mackay

What a wonderful tribute to Stu and thank you for letting the classmates know of his passing, and more importantly, of his life.

Hugs for the loss of your brother and friend

Debby (Denning) Josephson


19/01/23 02:46 PM #19    

Stanley Russell

Jeff Mackay,

Thank you for your beautiful tribute.  There is nothing in life that is more significant than relationships with others.  You have shared exactly what a wonderful friendship and relationship looks like.  I appreciate your tribute.  It brought to mind some of those relationships I have that are so meaningful and precious to me. It also caused me to call a few people who I have lost touch with.

Thanks again.

Stan Russell


19/01/23 04:26 PM #20    


Jeff Edwards

Jeff - Thanks for your great comments about Stu. What a nice tribute to your friend. Thanks for sharing your experiences in music over many years. Remember seeing you guys perform and so impressed with your amazing talent and humour. 

I got to know Stu's dad Lowell, who owned the Shutterbug camera store on Highland Drive when it merged with Inkley's sometime in the 70's where I worked for many years. Lowell created a great store and was a great businessman but the best part of the deal was getting to know Stu's mom, Allene. She is still with us and ever thoughtful of others and is very devoted to her family.

I am glad that Stu was supported by many friends of long years, even going back to the Oly days.

Godspeed Stu.

Jeff Edwards

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