50 Year Reunion Survey

This survey will allow the committee to better organize future events for the Olympus Class of 1971. We appreciate your feedback, opinions and suggestions. There are questions that can be answered even if you did not attend the reunion. Please take the survey and help us do our best for our favorite alumni... YOU!

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1)   The venue of the reunion, the Cottonwood Country Club, was a good choice.

Yes No
2)   I enjoyed the menu choices of the meal and felt it was a good value.

3)   The communication prior to the reunion was helpful and informative.

Yes No
4)   The tour of the school was a worthwhile experience.

Yes No
5)   I would like to see a golf event in future reunions.

Yes No
6)   Let's do another hike for the next reunion.

Yes No
7)   What recommendations do you have for future events or what could be done differently?

8)   A suggestion has come to us for a gathering next year at a park with everyone bringing their own food. It wouldn't take much planning, just a time and place. It's something that could occur each year. We welcome your comments.

9)   Please offer any feedback and suggestions to the committee that can help us plan events that keep our class connected.

10)   I would like to help plan future events and be on the committee.

Yes No