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05/29/19 10:55 AM #4393    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Carroll  #4416

The Luncheon starts at 11:30


06/06/19 01:46 PM #4394    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

If you have not driven by or gone on the Sam Houston camera ~~ The 3rd story building no loner is there. With the rain yesterday it looked like a big swimming hole or mud puddle. And after today the music rooms will be gone you can see through them already.....


06/06/19 03:28 PM #4395    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Not even an hour has past since I mentioned the music rooms building,,,,,,It's gone.....want be long beofre there is nothing left but all our memories!! 

Hope the 5th Friday Lunch went well Who went??



06/07/19 10:22 AM #4396    


Eugene Knox (1972)

Judy, #4419

i can't believe they knocked out the aditorium and the drama and music wing so quickly.  I just looked at it no more than 2 or 3 days ago...  So, the two story building we can still see to the right, is that the back side of the old Library, or is that something newer (btw...the big tree in the courtyard was still standing this morning, now it's been cut down).  When i toured the campus in 2013, once we got past the new front office (with name tags), and out to the hallway by the old trophie case and cafeteria entrance, it was the same hallway as yesteryear....  

06/08/19 04:41 PM #4397    

Diane Grayson (Goloby) (1971)

I stopped by Ol' Sam Houston today and took some pictures. All that's left is the front office with the facade and the library. I could see completely through the building windows to Hardy Rd. If I can get the pics uploaded, I'll show it. I walked along the front sidewalk and saw the LBJ tree behind a fence.

When I returned to my car which I parked along a piece of driveway, a construction worker in hard hat came by and told me if I wanted any bricks, I could go inside the gate on the Hardy Rd side, and go into the white trailer where an office is. He said the supervisor would give me some bricks. The worker was very nice and said the school name that was at the top of the building was going to be " turned into a nice memorial  for all to see and be proud", he said.

He also said the tree behind the fence was going to be saved and the memorial stone in front of it too. When I told him President Johnson planted that tree about 1965, he was so impressed. He said they would treat it with great importance because "it's a piece of History!"

I was too chicken to drive into the Hardy driveway to the trailer office because the gates were partially closed and there was a pipe running water at a steady heavy stream into a drain. I was in my van and not much space to park or turn around, and maybe get nails or screws in my tire, which I got recently from a home construction site. Anyway, I'll wait until they go up for sale, but if anyone is game, just go in that Hardy Rd entrance, the only one that's open.

The construction worker was so nice and understanding and said that "all of the students who went to this school will be PROUD. They can have a piece of History, and will like seeing the school name fixed up for all to see forever!"  I wish I asked his name. He was an older Hispanic man, older than us I mean.

06/08/19 06:42 PM #4398    


Charlotte Pate (Poole) (1962)


06/09/19 12:55 PM #4399    


Eugene Knox (1972)

Diane Grayson, #4421

That's great news about they are going to do something special with the Sam Houston Lettering, that has stood the test of time up on the building for 60 plus years!   I was wondering if they had anything planned.  Also nice of the construction workers to offer up some bricks.  It seems from previous posts, they realize that the old high school, means so much, to so many...  not just a tear down of some meaningless place...

06/18/19 11:00 AM #4400    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

It's Gone!!!



06/19/19 07:32 AM #4401    


Kathy Culpepper (Gunderson) (1968)

Farewell old friend.
I hope the new school brings good memories to the future Sam Houston Tigers.

06/19/19 08:52 AM #4402    

Randy Lee Pagel (1974)

  I guess I'm never going back to my old school.

06/19/19 12:15 PM #4403    

Lawrence Tracy Lott (1976)

Looks like it came down Monday morning - hope they actually

did save some locker fronts, bricks & the entry parts for posterity.

Tracy Lott

06/19/19 03:29 PM #4404    


Eugene Knox (1972)

Wow Judy, #4424,   i looked this morning, and the construction office, the last "shack" standing, was still there.  Now, it's gone, bulldozed, like it never exsisted.  Truely, all gone...  Kinda like your childhood home, if it has been torn down, it leaves an empty pit.  As much as i disliked my senior year, only the good memories have risin to the surface.  

"So goodbye yellow brick "building" 
Where the dogs of society howl
You can't plant me in your penthouse
I'm going back to my plough"

p.s. you can click on time lapse, and see the whold process all over again.... 

06/19/19 08:48 PM #4405    

Diane Grayson (Goloby) (1971)
This video and song comes to mind. To Sir With Love ~  If you think of To Sam With Love, it reflects how we all feel. I hope it comes through. As the lyrics say, "The time has come, for closing books and long last looks must end...And as I leave, I know that I am leaving my best friend."
Goodbye Old Sam and all who have loved you past and present - 1955 ~ 2019.  "In my mind I know they will still live on and on.." To Sir With Love.

06/20/19 11:40 AM #4406    


Lynda L. Voswinkel (Boehm) (1962)

Diane Grayson (Goloby) 4429

What a perfect song with all the emotions a lot of us feel about our school days. Thank you for posting the song! I have always loved it and it goess so well here.

06/20/19 11:40 AM #4407    


Lynda L. Voswinkel (Boehm) (1962)

Diane Grason (Goloby) 4429

What a perfect song with all the emotions a lot of us feel about our school days. Thank you for posting the song! I have always loved it and it goess so well here.

06/20/19 12:18 PM #4408    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Kathy # 4425

I know I have memories there good and bad.... All part of life and what made us who we are today.

Randy # 4426

Keeping your memories of SAM helps it live on...... and go see the new school.

Tracy #4427

Not sure about what they may have kept  ~  I know some of us have already gotten bricks. Last time I heard from Andrew Monzon they have sometinhing in the works for November.

Eugene #4428

Yes with all the talk of Bricks,,, Elton's song is very fitting, as is Diana's #4429 comments on to SIr with Love. Funny I kept watching for that last shack to go. I will have to check out the date but there are 2 pictures that show Shirley my sister sttting in her car on Tidwell watching what they were tearing down at the time. The camera takes a picture every ten minutes so we were talking on the phone and she was going by there I told her it was about time for a picture to take so she stopped.  I canstill see my childhood home and all the others I grew up by on Lakewood that are not gone so I will try and keep the image af SAM too, We will all have to keep sharing our memories of it.

Diane # 4429

I remember that show and yes that is song is very fitting. I will always remember the show Room 222 also, that was my homeroom number.




06/20/19 07:19 PM #4409    

Diane Grayson (Goloby) (1971)

As I played that song, I was on Oxblue and the calendar clicked back to April 1 and March. The whole building was there, looking sturdy and clean and strong. Like going back in time.

07/11/19 04:10 PM #4410    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Hi Everyone...

Hope your summer is going well and you are keeping cool!

Have any of you been on the OxBlue camera in the last few days? I am trying to figure out what they are getting ready to build on the right hand side just past the building...Not sure if it is going to be a builiding or maybe tennis courts?? Take a look and let me know what ya think.

Any news or gatherings coming up??




07/12/19 04:02 PM #4411    


Mary Frances Bingham (McGEE) (1970)

Post 4434 Judy Maxwell

How do you get on OXblue camera


07/13/19 11:27 AM #4412    

Donna Kaye Morgan (Weinberg) (1974)

Post 4435

07/13/19 02:03 PM #4413    

Diane Grayson (Goloby) (1971)

On the oxblue camera, you can click on the date and choose what month you want to see the school. In April, it was still there. Most Recent shows what's there now - dirt being built up to design the Field House and sports field.

Also, there's a neat Time Lapse - just click on Time Lapse and it shows the old football field area being built up into the new Sam Houston and switches to the old 3 story building, gym, shacks, etc from its glory to demolition in steps, to future Field House. It goes in fast motion and it's interesting to see.

The crews on site are well aware that we are watching and they respect our love for the school and have kept in mind our wishes to remember good Old Sam. They said we will all be Proud!

07/15/19 02:58 PM #4414    


Charlotte Pate (Poole) (1962)


07/16/19 05:01 PM #4415    

Charles Ellis (1969)

~ Wounder if they will have a putting green for the Golf Team?????

07/17/19 04:32 PM #4416    

Jerry Diver (1961)

Hard to believe our old school is gone. Had a lot of good memories there.

07/17/19 04:35 PM #4417    


Judy Maxwell (1971)

Mary 4435 ~

Hope you were able to get on Oxblue site with the link posted. it is neat to go in and check out what they are doing, Plus with me not being in Houston anymore I can click on it and check the weather out. My sister Shirley (class of 70 with you) lives near the school ~ too bad i can't see her house from it. There are 2 pictures of her on Tidwell driving past the school.






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