Class of 1980 - 40th Reunion Planning Party
Posted Sunday, July 14, 2019 04:01 PM

It's just two weeks to our planning get-together at the Heights Bier Garden, 1433 N. Shepherd Dr on Saturday, July 27, 4pm.  We've had contact with over 50 classmates.  I would be great to have a dozen at the Bier Garden to help plan and volunteer (more would be welcome).  Nothing has been set.  Bring your ideas.  It would be my hope that those that arrive on Saturday and those that help with the planning get to have a say on the details.  We can learn and take notes from the Class of 1970, who'll be having their 50th next April.  They plan to meet with a $50/person ticket, escalating to $65 at the door.  If we agree on this basis (or similar), we could then work on a budget.  The main goal should be to provide air-conditioned space for our classmates to visit with each other. 

Areas to discuss or committees to form:  Date/Time/Location; Communications; Food/Drink; Decor; Program/Music and finally a Finance Committee.   At our 20th Reunion, we used a service to help contact classmates.  I'll have some information from to review.

Bring your ideas and calendar.  We should be able to pick 2 possible dates and 2 optional locations before we leave on the 27th.   Other details will be decided by committee.  Come be a part of it!  

Contact me directly if you like.  See you on the 27th!

Gary Patterson 972/922-9906