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09/27/09 05:57 PM #11    

Cheryl E. Glass (Charles)

Hi Laurie,

I know you probably don't remember me. My name is Cheryl Glass (Charles). I have been looking over this website and you have done a wonderful job! It has taken a lot of work to get this all together. I love looking over pictures of students from so long ago. Wow!! GREAT JOB.

12/18/09 10:15 AM #12    

Joseph "Joe" J. Martino (Jr. )

Thank you for sending me the information on the web site it is GREAT.

I have been looking at the picture yall look great .

12/19/09 09:29 AM #13    

Joseph "Joe" J. Martino (Jr. )

I hope Everyone has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year

12/19/09 10:32 AM #14    

Joseph "Joe" J. Martino (Jr. )

During Easter weekend we have a large group that goes to New Orleans Some in cars and some on motorcycles any one intrested in the trip email me so we can make sure you have a room.

We also have a group that take a 11 day trip every summer, this past summer we rode 7 days around Colorado, next summer we will be going to Key West we always have a follow car for those of you that don't ride. If intrested email me.

06/21/17 02:47 PM #15    

Christy "Chris" L. Katopodis (Treleaven)

Hey everyone!  I am planning to come to the 40th Reunion and am shouting out to the following people to join me. I'm looking forward to seeing y'all, so I hope you can make it if you haven't signed up already:

My besty Thespians (Drama Freaks):  Deborah Donnell, Tom Bray, Roger Dunlop, Greg Bailey (anyone know how to reach him?), Mike Underhill, Maggie Von Miller, Wendy Veggeberg, Marianne Sutton (she's in!!).  Did I miss anyone from '77? 

Please come: Carolyn Bond, Sandra Howell, Barbara Burns, Jill Swinbank, Tammy Chatham, Maureen Cox, Melanie Koebel, Tracy Jones, Betsy Low, Cheryl Daily,Paul Finney, Mike Kent, Kevin Keller, John Krantz, Mark Patteson.  Been in touch with Gretchen Lilly and she is in!!

See you in September!

Chris Katopodis (Treleaven)wink


06/22/17 07:35 AM #16    


Michael J. Kent

Chris, I'll see you there. I'm just glad I made the Chris Katapodis short list.


06/22/17 09:11 AM #17    

Jill J. Swinbank (Norris)

Thanks for reaching out Chris - I'm in & looking forward to seeing everyone!

06/24/17 09:35 AM #18    

Kevin Keller

Okay Chris - You've got that persuasive touch!  I'm in as long as Mike Kent promises to do a wheelie in the Hyatt lobby!

You guys may have seen this already, pretty funny but describes a lot of our millenial kids and employees.  See you in September!


06/25/17 08:16 AM #19    

Wendy Veggeberg (Cadmus)

Wow Chris, you are persausive plus that video of the wheelie, makes me feel like I'm stil a teenager except my wrinkles say otherwise. I'm still a bit on the fence, it's been a bit of a rough year in the Veggeberg family and I'm still sorting through the ensuing paperwork and property (time of our life, I suppose).

It'd be nice to see some friends from Bendwood and onto drama and my academic ( aka nerd) classes in high school, I enjoyed spending time with you all back then. 

06/25/17 01:33 PM #20    

Deborah Donnell (Holcombe)


Deborah (Donnell) Holcombe,   Class of 77  Looking forward to seeing everyone. Chris T.  sending in my payment today,  thank you for the nudge...



07/16/17 03:40 PM #21    

David Evans (Evans)

If anybody is interested in getting a foursome together for golf Saturday or Sunday morning, I would be interested in playing.  My email is

07/17/17 09:01 AM #22    

James "Jim" W. Chew



My wife and I are very interested in playing, Saturday morning would be great.  We are also open to playing Monday if anyone is interested.  We are flying in from Seattle, so it is difficult to make arrangements from our end.  My email is 


Thanks, we are really looking forward to the reunion!




07/17/17 09:25 AM #23    

Clayton R. Blackstock

07/17/17 09:26 AM #24    

Clayton R. Blackstock

this was the last time I played golf ..... so, i'm out.  


07/18/17 09:15 AM #25    

David Evans (Evans)

That's hilarious, Clayton.  I love your golf outfit, though.

07/18/17 03:06 PM #26    


Lauri L. White (Ramsey)

GREAT picture, Clayton! 

In 2012 survey, the following expressed interest in golf.  Things change in 5 years, but sharing in case this is helpful.  Good luck! 

Allen Pat
Andrews Tom
Basham David
Chew Jim
Crawford Richard
Leiss Chris
Morrison Leonard
Nicholls Jeff
Stanbery Bob
Waters Pat

09/04/17 08:02 AM #27    

Karen S. Harvey (Carter)

Hi to all.  This is Karen (Harvey) Carter.  I wanted to take a minute to thank the classmates that have reached out during the Hurricane Harvey storm.  My parents, James and Marilyn Harvey both resided in Cinco Ranch Alzheimers Care Center here in Katy.  On Sunday morning of last week, they were evacuated.  I could not get to them before they left.  They are now at a Sister Center in Austin.  The roads are now clear for me to get to them.  But for the last week, I was unable to get there.  Classmates that live in that area took time out of their days to actually go to Cedar Ridge, and physically check on my mom and dad.  Not only that, they took pics and sent them to me!!!  

I can't begin to express my gratitude for this act of kindness.  I only know a couple of names... Maria, Kathy and Stephen. You are forever in my heart!  God Bless you!!



09/04/17 08:05 AM #28    

Karen S. Harvey (Carter)

Oh GOSH!  I forgot the most important angel in all of this...LAURI.  She found me on Facebook a couple of years ago, we met for coffee, and the rest, as they say, is history!  Thank you my dear dear friend!  You are an angel on Earth.  


09/05/17 09:46 AM #29    


Lauri L. White (Ramsey)

You're more than welcome, Karen.  XO  For all others who many need help - please let us try to help.  Go to our Westchester Reunion FB event page and share!  Or, let me share for you if you don't have FB or are timid to share.  If you have time & resources to help our classmates, thank you.  And if not, I'm fully certain that prayers, encouraging words, good thoughts are all welcome!

While I have you "on the line," a reunion comment.  I've been asked if I plan to go to any of our classmate-owned restaurants over our reunion weekend - YES!  All of them!  I'm traveling in from Central Texas & helping to put on two events, so I'm having to be creative to work them in, but will definitely do!  

I'll be coming in on Thursday to make Hyatt "my office" for a few days.  So, I plan to make dinner reservations at Chef Greg Martin's Bistro Menil on Thursday, September 28 @ 7 PM.  I'd love it if I could get a few to join me who may live or work near downtown.  

Friday, September 29th is our Saint Arnold's happy hour from 4:30-7!  And then our "after the party party" will begin at 8 PM at Damian Seaback's Clay's Restaurant which suffered flooding, but will be back up and running within the week!  Damian spun magic & did what I tried & never accomplished - to get Chip Castro & Paul Johnson to play!  I'm going to UBER out there & back to hotel!  

And then, on Saturday AM @ 11 AM, I am going to brunch at Chef John Sheely's Lowbrows.  We have a reservation & it's growing!  Come join us! (John, get the coffee brewing.  I'm gonna need fuel from a good breakfast & a whole lot of coffee by then!)

And then, of course, our big event at Hyatt on Saturday evening!  Forget the heels.  Wear comfy shoes.  We aren't putting the dance music on till 10:30 PM to allow lots and lots of time to visit.  And then.  I WILL make you dance with me.  40 years.  We've earned it.   

Here's my email if you would like jump in on reservations either on Thursday or Saturday -  

You certainly do not need to mirror my schedule.  Just throwing them out there because I've been asked.  Use our Messenging Tool on our website to work up your own dinner/ lunch/ brunch groups - but don't forget to make reservations.  Please work our classmate-owned restaurants as you have time & ability to do!  Each are very excited to host our classmates!   Heartfelt thanks to Greg, John & Damian for their willingness to "play along" with me in planning our reunion weekend!  


09/20/17 08:34 AM #30    


Lauri L. White (Ramsey)

If you purchased your ticket...and then, "life happened" or plans changed, your ticket is transferrable to another classmate.  BUT, please let us know if you sell/ give it to a friend because we will be looking for you at the reception table.  Alternatively, consider donating it back to the committee to be given to a classmate who might not be able to attend without a little help. 

Short on cash for our 40th reunion?  If the ONLY reason that you can't attend the reunion is because of the cost, then let it be our secret.  We'd like to help you attend with tickets that may be returned to the committee.  Please message us.  

ATTIRE:  Whatdyawear?  Anything you want.  You'll see everything from Jimmy Buffet-wanna be's to jeans to guys & dolls dressed to the 9's to everything in between.  Just come!  What-you-wear is soooo 20th year reunion.  We're over it!  

Volunteer Needs:  On Saturday, we have a short shift to work the reception desk - 10:15 PM-11 PM.  We need one committed person - perhaps someone who doesn't want to be anywhere near the dance floor when we crank up the music for our wildcat dancers.

If you are at the hotel at 1:30 PM on Saturday with time to help, we need you.  Like, we really, really need you.  We can knock out Window Box set-up / decorations in less than 2 hours if we can get some extra help.

10/03/17 10:25 AM #31    

Mark Allen Grierson


I felt compelled to commend you for your great leadership in organizing our 40th reunion. Your enthusiasm in your written communication as well as our phone conversations were  contagious and made it even more disappointing that I could not make the event. Most importantly though was the humility you showed during this entire process. It seemed that you were always thanking and giving credit to others.      I can tell you from memory what role others played in the making the reunion happen. As you are  aware in a big high school we only new a fraction of our class. I can truly say it was my loss to not have known you then. If there is ever anything I can do for you please let me know. 
Mark Grierson 

04/18/19 06:55 PM #32    

Philip R. Klein

A  big heads up for our former classmate Ted Knapp. He announced his retirement from head coach at Standford this week. We should all be proud of Ted making it all the way to the top!

01/29/24 04:04 PM #33    

Jeff Heath (Heath)

Just heard from Keary Ryan's brother that  he died in a car accident on Jan 21 near his hometown on Wausau, WI where he lived last few decades. His younger brother & sister also went to Westchester. Hi older brother Pat (Spring Woods '75) sent me this link:


Keary Keith Ryan, (1959 - 2024) - Online Memorials

Was a great friend although  hadn't seen him in over 30 years & not really since early 80's

01/30/24 08:38 AM #34    

Ruth E. Click

Hi y'all,

I did not know Keary but I would encourage you to go to the website his family created whether you knew him or not. His artwork is simply wonderful.

Hope this finds you all in good health and good humor!


02/28/24 03:50 PM #35    

Jeff Heath (Heath)

Wild but posting another classmate who just passed away - David Burke. I hadn't seen him since the 20 year reunion until this past December when I visited him at his house in Austin. Just found out about this 5 minutes ago. Service in Georgetown tomorrow:

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