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Wildcats '77,

In this 60-something phase of life, we're having a tougher time keeping up with you!  We did fairly well in the career & raising kids chapter, but with downsizing, retiring, career changes, name changes...well.  We are back to herding cats!  MANY of our emails are no longer active.  Will you help?  Update your phone/ email & share with a friend.  Your information will not be shared.  We want to semi-annual roll call & hopefully hear from you that "all is well," whether you have any interest in reunions, or not.  Fair enough?  

So please.  Update your info and share with others! 

HINT!  If you no longer have access to your old email -- NO PROBLEM!  Your old email serves as your UserID.  Follow the instructions to update your information.  And if it still is clear as mud -- we are only a message away!  Let us help you -- to help us! 


**NOTE:  Westchester Alumni Association is interested to stay in touch with '77ers; however, our websites are not linked & we have promised YOU that we will not share your information with anyone.  So, we leave that choice entirely up to you!  WAA raises scholarships for graduating seniors of Westchester Academy of International Studies through donations, fundraisers, and memberships.  They have been helpful to the class of 1977 when receiving important news of classmates or faculty/staff & support marketing efforts for our reunions.  To register with WAA, please go to www.westchesterwildcats.com and find your name under 1977. 


Westchester High School ~ Class of 1977 ~ 40th Class Reunion ~ September 2017

Professional Photos from our event at Hyatt have been uploaded to this link ---> https://iaivphotography.smugmug.com/Westchester/n-fZD4RX/

IF you attended only Friday Happy Hour at Saint Arnold's...

Or, only made it to Hyatt on Saturday...

Or, only able to attend "other opportunities" around our reunion weekend, such as Clay's Saloon, Bistro Menil or Lowbrow...

Or, you didn't make it to the "after-party party" where still more classmates showed up...

...THEN...  You may have missed catching up with an old friend over our reunion weekend!  In fact, you may have been in the same room, at the same time, and STILL missed them!  Time just flew by, didn't it?    

We had combined attendance of 235'ish for both Saint Arnold's and Hyatt planned events.  So, TAKE THAT, Harvey & Irma!  Westchester Wildcats '77 is an amazing class and, it was clearly evident, this may have been the most joyful "extension of family" reunion...ever!

We are particularly proud of our class in that we raised $4000 to help seed our 45th reunion!  In efforts to "herd cats," we located several classmates who had been on our MIA for 40 years, ya'll!  And, that we had several classmates attend their first class reunion...ever!  And, and, and...that we were incredibly blessed that our beloved principal & teachers were able to join us for our happy celebration!  

Please email Reed @ rbrown5789@comcast.net  if you'd like to volunteer for our 45th class reunion!  He is your NEW reunion committee lead!!  Lauri will continue to manage the database & track classmates.   

Special thanks to:

Over & Beyond Research + Email + Phone + Mail-out Volunteers

Ken Cauthen + Video Awesomeness + Master of Ceremony

Ruth Click

Kathleen James Harrison

Suzi Kenyon Baumgardner

Philip Klein + Security

Ann Lynde Cook

Cheryl Overton Spaans

Bob Stanbery + Raffle Prizes

Jenny Symon Nettles + Beautiful Slideshow


Kevin Bonny

CeAnne McClure Jones

Memorabilia Table

Julie (Wright) & Laurence Ligon


Tom Bray

Event Volunteers

Mary Adams Hanenburg

Peggy Bayes Roye

Clayton Blackstock

Tammy Chatham Rehak

Jay Collins

David Cook

Elaine Cross Curry

Mark Grierson

Pat Hedrick

Chris Katapodis

Nancy Mosley Harrell

Cindy Paul Meyers

Matt Meyers

Julia Schlabach Baldwin

Sara Simon Dhom

Allison Taylor

Tim Weeks

Mike Wells

Bobby Wiedemer

Eleanor Wilson Adamo

Reunion Leads & Partners 'n Crime

Amy Campbell + Janet Combs + Evelyn Schneider Clark + Lauri White Ramsey

Additionally, we would like to thank classmates Chef Greg Martin (Bistro Menil), Chef John Sheely (Lowbrow), & Damian Seaback (Clay's Restaurant) for their willingness to jump in on plans to host our classmates over our reunion weekend!  If you didn't have time to squeeze in the time, you missed out!  They were ALL amazing!  Please make plans to visit sometime soon!  Thank you, gentlemen!  

Did you see this?  An awesome video our classmate, Ken Cauthen, put together featuring some familiar faces!  Check it out!  -->  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frO0RXRTF-8&feature=youtu.be


No registered users are online right now.


•   William W. Beck (Brian)  10/11
•   Kim Kay Saar (Parsons)  8/19
•   Lynn C. Jakle  8/14
•   Emory Ann Parrish (Brincks)  8/13
•   Sharon L. Major (Jenkins)  8/12
•   Marilyn Davenport (LaBorde)  8/10
•   Louis Gurdon  8/7
•   Reed A. Brown  8/4
•   Ted Knapp  6/5
•   Nancy Seely  5/17
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•   William "Jerry" Sparkman (Jr. )  2018
•   Peter Keenan (Weed) Armstrong  1977
•   Lisa Clare Jurasin (Vasek)  2021
•   Kevin Douglas DeWolfe  2020
•   Mark Allen Grierson  2020
•   Kent Richard Kadell  2018
•   Terri D. Ficker (Richardson)  2019
•   Ellen Marie Carney (Dunn)  2018
•   James "Jim" Cotterell  1999
•   Thomas "Seth" Pollard  2016
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