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In Memory

Kevin Douglas DeWolfe
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12/18/20 11:15 AM #1    

Charles "Todd" Duff

I'm so sorry to hear of Kevin's recent passing. I offer my sincere condolences to his family. I regret that I have not kept in touch with Kevin over the years. However I have fond memories of my interactions with him. He was a genuinely good person and it showed. He was admired by many including myself. I had great respect in the way he conducted himself and treated others. He will sadly be missed and the world is a sadder place without him in it. 

12/18/20 12:35 PM #2    

Donald "Don" F. Kingsley (Jr. )

It’s sad reading these messages about our classmates that pass away. I remember something good about each one of the them.

I always enjoyed Kevin’s company. We spent a considerable amount of time together in both high school and college. A couple of things I like to share about Kevin.

First, Kevin, George Mifsud and I had birthdays in early November, the 4th, 5th and 6th. During high school and college we’d pass along birthday wishes to each other annually and often celebrate together. Fun times.

I also remember sleeping over at Kevin’s house in high school and having to be quiet so as not to disturb Kevin’s siblings who had to go to work the next day. So, no TV when we went upstairs. I remember Kevin turning on his night light before going to sleep and picking up the Financial section of the Houston Chronicle (no E*TRADE in the 70’s). I asked him what are doing? And he said, “checking my stocks”. (Yes, he was the smart guy in the room that night!) The following morning Kevin’s mom would have a stack of never ending buttermilk pancakes that was a young man’s dream.

As many know, Kevin loved Austin. That’s where he went to school, established his practice and raised his family.

Nice job my friend!

My condolences to his wife Cindy and their children, his sisters and his father.

He will be missed.

Don Kingsley

12/19/20 12:22 PM #3    

Robert A. Marti

Kevin very sorry I didn't keep in touch with you but you did very well you have a great family and you were very successful but the days and the nights that we sat around the RISK GAME BOARD playing games with your friends those are times we never ever will forget God bless you and your family I'll see you soon my friend.

12/21/20 09:08 AM #4    

Elwyn "Chip" C. Comstock

Kevin was my neighbor.  He lived on Perthshire and I lived just around the corner on Pebblebrook.  My best memory of Kevin was he and I hosted Senior prom preprom dinner and dinner.  Kevin hosted the preprom dinner at his house.  It was really nice and his folks were great.  We then walked from his house to mine where my grandfather made a meal, I believe, filet mignion.  There were 6 couples and my mom helped grandaddy serve the meal.  Then off we went to prom.  Led Zeplin was playing that night so that made for some interesting conversations. I remember feeling like a pretty cool kid teaming up with Kevin.  God bless Kevin and his family.  

12/24/20 09:11 PM #5    

Janice "Janie" N. Laws (Macey)


My heart goes out to Kevin’s family.  Kevin was such a sweet and kind person.  He always had a smile on his face.  When we were in 9th grade he asked me to a party with his mother driving us.  My first party with a boy.  He went with the boys and I went with the girls once we got to the party.  Kevin was a sweet memory that I will hold in my heart.  


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