35th Reunion Registration

Event Details

HHS Class of '88 - 35th Reunion on 15-Jul-2023

Please fill out the form below to let us know if you'll be attending the event or not.  The cost will be $20 per person to help cover the rental fee and some appetizers.  At Pier 87, you will be able to order other menu items and drinks on your own throughout the evening.  No payment required at this time, but if you would like to pre-pay via Venmo or PayPal, please use the following links or QR codes and send $20 per person.  Otherwise, you can just pay cash at the event:

Venmo:         last four digits of my phone... 9759

(or click here or find me on Venmo at @m-air-j)

PayPal:  rmendler@yahoo.com (click or find me)

(may show up as MO Travel Baseball... I can't change it?!)

Thanks everyone.

Truly looking forward to seeing you on the 15th!