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Good News, Bad News, But There is still Hope!

 Since initially making our "Early Years" 2017 reunion plans, we have held K-Town group space on the Carnival Ecstacy sailing on April 24 from Charleston, visiting Nassau & Freeport, Bahamas, then returning to Charleston on April 29. When I realized how slowly reservations were coming in plus a 2nd deposit was due (I personally advanced the first), I released a number of cabins back to Carnival. When a few more requests came in, I noticed the cruise line had removed all cabins without names & deposits from our block. At that point I went ahead and finalized the group.

It was Good News to get a call the other day from one of our reunion couples who decided they needed Sun & Fun after all. It was quickly followed, however, by the Bad News that the ship was virtually sold-out. Good News again when immediate payment-in-full allowed us to grab a just-cancelled cabin !!!  More Bad News the very next day... an unexpected event occurred that prevents the passengers from taking the cruise !!! I hate to see them take a hit on this booking, so....

If you are interested in joining us for a fun few days as well as helping out a classmate...CALL ME ASAP and I'll put y'all in touch!

 Mary Kearns Severns ('60)  ~  843-263-3669   ~   maryseverns@gmail.com                           


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Hi Y'all!  I'm delighted to see that the word is spreading about our new website and more of you are visiting & joining. Some of you have included so little information on your profile that I suspect you may be reticent about posting personal info anywhere on the internet! 

Please Note: You have the ability to permit viewing of your Profile only to fellow registered Classmates. If your Profile information has been restricted, your email addresses, mailing addresses, & telephone numbers are completely protected, not visible to the public, & not findable/indexable by search engines NO MATTER WHAT.