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01/18/12 11:12 PM #8    

Anita Ventura (Mahaney)

Hey out there - does anyone remember Anita Ventura?  I have been out of touch and I can't wait to go to the reunion.  If anyone remembers good old Anita, drop me a message!

02/05/12 04:19 PM #9    

Molly Fried (Miller)


What an amazing website for this!  You are doing a great job- and I can imagine it's allot of work.

Looking forward to seeing you , and hopefully many others as well.

Molly Fried Miller

02/08/12 11:22 PM #10    


Jean Maccubbin (McCormick)

Hi Everyone!

Anita Ventura Mahaney has joined our committee and will be helping us with all the fun things we are planning for August. We are still searching for missing classmates and appreciate the input from all of you out there!

If you have any suggestions as to what you might like to see on your website, let us know - we'll see if we can make it happen.  Thanks for all the great feedback!


02/12/12 12:28 PM #11    


Michael Logue

Jean: I heard that there may be a Florida reunion this spring. Any truth to that. Please let me know.


Mike Logue

02/14/12 11:35 PM #12    


Jean Maccubbin (McCormick)

Mary Lou Mullins is working on that - saw your name on her list.  I think they are trying to get something going for March.

02/21/12 07:42 PM #13    


Mary Louise Carroll (Mullins)

We are having a KWHS - Florida Mini-Reunion buffet luncheon Thursday, March 15, 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM at the Sarasota Yacht Club.  $30 pp inclusive.  To date, we have received an enthusiastic response and hope to see you there too!   Advance reservations and payment are required by Tuesday, March 6.   Please contact Mary Lou Mullins at if you are interested in receiving detailed information on attending this fun gathering.

03/22/12 07:31 PM #14    


Patricia Conley (Bush)

Jean, this is a great web site....we are really looking forward to this reunion and just being 'home' for a few days.  We have moved so many times....always West (one year in KY., too) but seem to make it back East every few years.  I have been in touch with old friends and this is just what the Dr. ordered to make me forget the  $4.89 gallon for gas that we are paying out here.  I walk alot to local stores and this balmy weather has been a plus.  Saw Jay Bowling at Allegheny reunion a few years sad not to have Gordie Smith there....we felt his presence at the Phi Gam House & local bar!  See you soon!  patti bush

03/23/12 06:42 PM #15    


Jean Maccubbin (McCormick)

Hi Pattie- So good to hear from you - boy, I thought our gas prices were bad!  It will be so much fun re-connecting at the reunion - see you in August!

04/20/12 09:43 PM #16    


Robert Eimiller

I look at the long list list of all our friends that have passed on...  A little melancholy at the moment. The passage of time is relentless don't you think? I know they are in a much better place now.

I can't say I feel like I'm 18 again but...I feel closer to eighteen than seventy though. Just lost 22 pounds, going to begin working on my 6 pack abs now..------>not.. lol

Where is everyone... ??? Lets get this BIG ((( 50 year ))) reunion... REALLY BIG.

07/14/12 01:52 AM #17    


Charles (Chuck) Chisholm

Hope to see some everyone at the reunion on 10,11,12 August 2012. This is the frist time I have had a chance to get back for a reunion of Kenmore West HS. I retired form the U S Air Force in 1983. Then went back to collage for two years. Then  started work for the Spokane County Sheriff and have be there for 27 years.

Chuck Chisholm

07/26/12 12:52 AM #18    


Gerald Gross (Ross)

Ciao Everybody,


Any of you heading over to the Queen City Gallery to see my "RELATED" art show, should read  this attempt at a press release:


The link on the name Queen City Gallery takes you to their site and, hopefully a map.  You can also Google the name of the Gallery and get several links to information and maps.


Basically, the Gallery is located in the historic Market Arcade at 617 Main in the Theater District. 


More information:


Hope to see you there Friday august 10th, noon - 6 pm 







07/31/12 10:46 PM #19    


Patricia Conley (Bush)

Jerry, I remember you from Roosevelt on through KWest.  You changed your name?  We will be at your show and I hope we get a chance to chat!  patti conley bush

08/05/12 02:18 AM #20    


Gerald Gross (Ross)

Okay, I'll be on the lookout for you guys.  Ron Ford, a buddy and also a Roosevelt El School graduate, is lending me the "Portrait of Martin Sostre" that will be in the show.

Gallery Hours Friday 10th:  noon - 6 pm

Saturday 11th: noon to 4 pm





08/08/12 11:44 AM #21    

Brian Stamler

Just read this in a local circular thought it was fun...............


Have you ever been quilty of looking at others your own age and thinking, surely I can't look that old.

Well, you'll love this one..........

My name is Alice Smith and I was sitting in the waiting room for my first appointment with a new dentist.  I noticed his diploma, which had his full name,

Suddenly, I remembered a tall, handsome, dark-haired boy with the same name had been in my high school class some 30 odd years ago.  Could he be the same guy that I had a secret crush on, way back then?

Upon seeing him, however, I quickly discarded any such thought.  This balding, gray-haired man with the deeply lined face was way to old to have been my classmate.

After he examined my teeth, I ask him if he had attended Morgan Park High school.  Yes, Yes I did, he gleamed with pride,  When did you graduate, I asked?  He answered, In 1967, why do you ask?  You were in my class, I exclaimed.

He looked at me closely.  Then, that old, bald, wrinkled, overweight, gray-haired man had the nerve to ask me - "WHAT DID YOU TEACH??


See ya in a couple a days


08/12/12 02:19 PM #22    

R. Kenneth Blair

Thanks to all who attended our 50th class reunion weekend. We hope everyone had a great time. Make sure you listen to our CD produced for us by Jack Horohoe, class of 1961

Ken Blair, reunion committee member

08/14/12 09:27 PM #23    

Sharron Enslin (Doerr)

Hope everyone who came to the reunion had as much fun as we did planning it! 

Already looking forward to our 55th!  Keep adding to the list--and, who knows, maybe we'll have some mini-reunions in between.

Sharron Enslin Doerr  (Reunion Committee)

08/16/12 08:05 AM #24    


Mary Louise Carroll (Mullins)

Dick & I had a terrific time attending all the events/activities/meals at the KWHS Class of '62 50th Reunion.  Way to Go, 50th KWHS Reunion Committee!!!   We also made trips to Anderson's (more than one!), Ted's, two family meals and got a 1# box of Watson's sponge candy back to FL uneaten and in good shape.       It was so good to see and talk to so many happy and healthy former classmates.   A 55th Reunion - God willing, we'll be there!   I was also surprised to hear from so many FL KWHS grads interested in getting together again for a Florida Mini-Reunion next March in 2013.   Plans are already underway to  potentially get together in Venice.  


08/17/12 10:39 AM #25    

Robert Shaffer


When I first heard rumblings of a 50th reunion I said to myself...hum... I'm not going.  I won't know anyone and I'm sure nobody will remember me.  Then I started thinking, it's our 50th seems  this should be something on my bucket list, maybe we should go.  I was very apprehensive, but said, " what the hell lets go". 

We then had a mini reunion in Florida last March. I had a great time except I really didn't know all the "old people" were going to be there... ha ha, I'm one of those "old people".  After attending the mini reunion (what a  great job by that committee)  I was convinced the trip to Kenmore would be fun.

Fun wasn't even close to what a great time we had.  The venue's were well planed, the food was great and most of all, what a wonderful group of people attended. I CAN'T THANK THE COMMINTEE FOR THEIR EFFORTS.  Great job! 

When we got in last night and I was driving in from the airport I listened to the CD we received.  It's terrific.  I actually had tears in my eyes when the last part played.

I can't believe where the years have gone.  The memories , the school and most of all the people.  I'm a much better person for knowing all of you.

I wish all of you health and happiness in the continuing years.

Your  proud fellow classmate.

Bob Shaffer



08/17/12 01:47 PM #26    

Susan Marks (Kieffer)

Bob;  That says it so perfectly!  Susan

08/18/12 08:03 AM #27    


Elizabeth Anzalone (Spence)

So sorry we could not be there.  We made it to Buffalo, but as many of you know, my husband is nearing the end of his journey with Brain Cancer.  We had to enter hospice 2 days before the reunion and have been on a roller coaster ever since.  We're back in Florida now.  In 1 day he went from walking to unable to stand.  Glioblastoma Multiforme is a horrible Cancer for which there is no cure.  Please keep us in your prayers. 

8/26/2012...our journey came to an end.

09/01/12 06:55 PM #28    

Douglas Schleifer

So sorry to hear your news Elizebeth. Teresa and I will definitely keep you in our prayers and thoughts.

Doug Schleifer

09/17/12 04:38 PM #29    

Dolores Augino (Garrahan)

Dear Elizabeth,

 I am so sorry to hear your sad news.  We have lost 3 relatives and 2 friends this year.

I know he is in a better place and his memories will always be with you.  Cherish all those years you have shared together.  Our prayers are with you.........Dee (Dolores Augino) Augino Garrahan .


06/22/15 02:15 PM #30    


Gerald Gross (Ross)


Please help me get to within 5% of my goal -- I will need to survive for 3 months in remote mountain area for this art project, so am trying to rase funds for art supplies and to cover accomodatons.



















01/07/16 02:18 AM #31    


Mary Louise Carroll (Mullins)

We are planning our (now annual) KWHS Class of '62 (or at least in the 60's) Florida Mini-Reunion.    It will be held  on Monday, March 7, 2016 at the centrally located Chicanes Restaurant - located in the Inn On The Lake - in Sebring, FL.     We are hoping this location will entice all those living on both East & West coasts and in North and South FL to attend.    A Save The Date will be going out to all the graduates we have on our list.   If you know of someone who has moved to FL, is here for "season" or visiting at that time, share the information with them or let me know their email address.   I will add them to our master list and forward an invitation to them.


07/12/21 02:31 PM #32    


Gerald Gross (Ross)

GoFundMe Campaign only about $600 short of goal:

Please help me get to my goal!

Leaving 7/14 for Conference. --





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