Class Website Donation INFO

September 9, 2022

Dear Fellow Classmates,


Our class website will need to be renewed by October 2, 2022.  The cost for three years will be a total of $445.   $385 for the website and $60 for the domain name ( for that timeframe.  This will keep our website active and AD FREE through to October 3, 2025.

There has been positive feedback over the years, classmates reconnecting and reading friends personal profiles. 

Our website was started by Donna Volpentesta Pontillo on May 5, 2011, with the assistance of the Bradford High School Alumni Association volunteer, Joyce Sorensen.  

A few classmates and I donated to cover the cost since it started in 2011.   At this time, I am requesting classmates to help defray the cost to keep our site going.  The cost to each of us would equate to a minimum of $10.00 each.  Anyone new classmates requesting to be approved to join, we will request the same cost.

Make your check out to:  Juanita Becker

Mail to:

Juanita Becker

11902    214th Avenue

Bristol, WI 53104

Make a notation on your check:  "1958 Class”

Any question, please email me:

Thank you,

Juanita Jornt Becker