Reunion Summary

What a Night!

Members of our Bradford Class of 1988 (along with their guests) streamed into the Rhode Center for the Arts in Kenosha on Saturday, July 26th for our 20th Reunion.  Some people amazingly looked as if they hadn't changed in 20 years while others had gone through their own personal metamorphosis.  After 9:00, even more faces appeared as the doors opened to other Bradford alumni, Tremper alumni ("crashing" from down the block from their reunion), and guests.  Thank goodness for nametags!  The night was filled with LOTS of hugs, stories, and cameras flashing as everyone reconnected with long-lost friends and classmates.  There were definitely memories flowing.... as well as being created.



A huge thank you to everyone who helped make the reunion possible.  Apologies to anyone that may inadvertently be missed.


  • Kelly (Tankersley) Curtis – Classmate Leads, PR (Bradford Sign)
  • Sue (Bleashka) Manak - Classmate Calls
  • Lisa (Detert) Cairo - Classmate Calls
  • Kevin Palmer - Classmate Calls
  • Sherry (Tritten) Brown – Classmate Calls, DJ
  • Brian Rummelhart – Classmate Calls, Initial Web Postings, Rice Krispie Treats, etc.
  • Dominic Pedicone - Icebreaker
  • Katie Ashley – Golf Outing 
  • John Vescova - Reunion Booklet
  • Robert M. Birchell – Video & DVDs
  • Chris Schwartz - Co-Chair
  • Jodi (Kuklenski) Rummelhart - Co-Chair

Other Volunteers

  • Lynn Groleau
  • Kris Derwae
  • Sue Leiting - (Bradford Class of '87)
  • Jori (Glitzky) Bucko - (Bradford Class of '87)
  • Kerri (Leinenweber) Baars - (Bradford Class of '87)

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There were many pictures taken at our reunion by many different people.  Given this, a central location where all of the photos can be loaded and viewed by all would be helpful.  So.... we've created a group album on where you can not only post your own photos and videos of the night, but also view all of the others your classmates have posted... for FREE.  This is a private album which means the content can only be viewed if the group album URL and password are used.

NOTE:  Photobucket is fairly self-explanatory (the main, grid, & slideshow links on the upper right are very handy).  However, if you do have any questions regarding the use of the site, please click the "help" link on the top right corner of the photobucket site.

Group Album Name:  Bradford Class of 88 - 20th Reunion
Group Album URL:
Password:  classmates



Thanks so much to everyone that provided feedback!  This input will be invaluable for the planning of our next reunion.