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05/14/08 09:30 PM #27    

David Hutchinson

I was at the last reunion and the ice breaker was the best!! It really set off the event and let everyone get familar with our new faces. :) Whereever we do the ice breaker I think all should try and attend.

Good times and hope to see all of you!


05/16/08 03:32 PM #28    

Jodi Kuklenski (Rummelhart)

FYI - I did some checking on our site's performance (given some of the comments I've seen). Turns out the site is in the process of being upgraded (through approx. May 20th). I was informed that "... you may see a "Service Unavailable" message. You may also see the system running slower during prime evening hours, around 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. EST, until all upgrade work has been completed." I'm not certain if that explains the issues some people have had, but I am looking forward to seeing the impact of the upgrades!

05/19/08 10:48 PM #29    

Cassandra Writz

Hi all! It recently occurred to me that I ought to look into when the reunion was being held and reserve the weekend. Then my sister mentioned running into Jason Schleip last weekend, who happened to mention the website. Great idea! Fascinating, reading the bios and checking out the photos of people who have signed in so far.

Thanks Jodi and Chris for organizing. Looking forward to it.

Cassie Writz

06/02/08 11:30 PM #30    

Anne Klemm

Hey, classmates,

Scott Engberg's parents wanted to pass along info about a memorial golf tournament they're holding to establish a scholarship fund in his name at Carroll College. The event is Friday, Aug. 15, at Rivermoor Country Club in Waterford. If you'd like information about how to join in or how to donate, send me a line and I'll snail-mail you the material. (Sorry, there isn't a Web site for the event.)

06/07/08 07:46 AM #31    

Katherine Ashley

Sylvia - would your cousin be able to make 4 tee times for Bradford88 starting at 10am on Saturday the 26th? If so, I think we should play there. Anyone who is interested in golfing could meet at 9:30-9:45 to sign up for a time. What do you think?

We have quite a few people interested in golf...hopefully we will all be coherent enough to play after our evening at Coins the night before. ;-)


06/30/08 08:00 AM #32    

Katherine Ashley

Hey All,

Check out the plans for golf on Saturday. Let me know if you are in.


07/07/08 01:03 PM #33    

Dominic Pedicone

It's true...89 Mojo is playing at Coins on Friday, July 25th. Get there early before the band starts at 10pm to catch up with our classmates. See you all there and the next night, too!!

07/08/08 06:39 PM #34    

Annastasia Powderly

i want to cry. i can't come out to play for the reunion,because i am driving to the east coast to take my kids to camp,where i am going to be a camp nurse,long stretch from intensive care,but i am definitely due for a break.HEY BOB, i was trying to import some pictures to my profile,but i am too retarded.if i give them to you, will you show them at the party,too?words cannot express how much i want to go.

07/08/08 10:15 PM #35    

Robert M. Birchell

I sent you a message Annie. You'll be missed at the gathering!!

07/09/08 12:23 PM #36    

Sue Binninger

On February 11th of this year, we all lost a very good friend and classmate. Honor Jana (Kipp) Maegaards memory by joining us to benefit Jana's Journey on Wednesday, July 30th at Captain Mike's 5118 - 6th Avenue from 7pm to 11pm.

Donations will be given to American Cancer Society. (25% of Bar Sales, 50% of Bar Tips, and 100% cash donations).

Drawings include: Chicago Cubs tickets, gift baskets, gift certificates and much more!

Guest bartenders include: Sue Binninger, Sue(Boscher)Kuryanowicz, Kim(Cappelen)Koprovic, Kristie(Fortner)Hopf, and Michelle(Zatko)Wells.

If you would like any further information on this event, please email Sue Binninger via the class reunion website.

Hope to see everyone there!

07/09/08 12:39 PM #37    

Jeff Pfeiffer

Hey, why didn't we sign up to be on this show? I could have handled a week in Hawaii:

"TV Land's sophomore season of the original reality series 'High School Reunion' is currently underway in Kauai, Hawaii. Members of Chandler High School Class of 1988 (Chandler, AZ) are together again swapping secrets and reigniting relationships on location."

Oh, well. Maybe for the 30 ...

07/11/08 10:45 PM #38    

Jodi Kuklenski (Rummelhart)

The plans are to keep this site up and running for the long haul. I supppose that will depend how much money we'll have available over the years. I also can't guarantee that it will be kept as current without a reunion around the corner, but then again.... everyone can provide their own updates. So... yes, it will be up after the reunion for posting of pictures.

07/27/08 10:05 AM #39    

Gary Rondeau

I have pics up

Let me know if you'd like any specific ones emailed to you.

07/28/08 11:00 AM #40    

Carmen Tenuta

Many thanks to Jodi, Chris and the rest of the committee that worked on our reunion. We had a great time!!

07/29/08 02:02 PM #41    

Heidi Szuggar (Gonzalez)

Jodi & Chris and everyone who worked so hard for our Reunion. What a great job you all did. Thank you! It was great to see everybody. I sure had a wonderful time.

Heidi Szuggar Gonzalez

07/30/08 01:05 PM #42    

Rose-Marie Partenheimer

Jodi & Chris (and any others that assisted):
Thank you so much for putting this all together. I had a great was definately worth the long drive! Hope to see you both and others again the next trip up (hopefully long before our next reunion).

12/20/08 03:59 PM #43    

Kelly Tankersley (Curtis)

Hello Classmates!

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season! I was just wondering if anyone has heard from Keven Dumesic? I know a couple people I talk to have tried to contact him, and they have had no luck. Was just wondering if anyone had an email address for him.

Kelly Tankersley Curtis

01/06/09 06:56 PM #44    

Sherry Tritten (Donovan)

To all of you who know my brother, Dan:

This past October, we lost Dan's 5 year old son, Danny very suddenly and unexpectedly. Anyone wanting to get into contact with him should email your information to me and I will pass it on to him

04/15/09 08:36 PM #45    

Shelle Bernfeld (Anderson)

I am deeply saddened after reading that Tricia Ebner passed away. I am also reminded that I have not kept in touch with people from so many years ago.

If you remember me and want to keep in touch, please email me at



04/17/13 12:58 PM #46    

Sherry Tritten (Donovan)

Any news on a 25th Reunion?


08/01/13 11:34 PM #47    

Diane Carlin (Smick)

08/03/13 12:17 PM #48    


Dawn Marie Holmgren (Kaye)

As of July 30, 2013 we lost a great classmate. 
The showing only is August 5th at Kenosha Funeral Services 8226 Sheridan Rd Kenosha, WI 53143 from 3-6pm
In lieu of flowers, memorial appreciated.
He left behind 2 sons:   Michael Lamere (24) and Eric Lamere (9) and a great wife Lori
Alumni's Class of 88 are already working on the benefit for his family.  Please check it out on Facebook.

Steve Lamere                     Benefit/Fundraiser

Sunday September 15, 2013 At Coin's Tavern Kenosha, WI 1pm

Proceeds will go towards medical bills and to help Steve’s family with his final expenses. Steve left behind 2 sons and a wife. This was a very unexpected loss for the family. Please consider donating for this event. Donations can be brought into Coins, please place Steve Lamere on it so it goes to the correct benefit.

Food and Tap beer will be provided.

Prizes, Raffles and 50/50 Auction

Tickets will be $7.00 will be sold in advance and at the door. Each ticket is a chance for one person to win $100


Thank you in advance!

01/27/18 04:15 PM #49    


Celestine Kirby (Jones)

Does anyone know if there will there be a 30th year class reunion this year? 

01/28/18 09:51 AM #50    

Christine Lahey (Tenuta)

I was wondering the same thing :)

01/28/18 09:44 PM #51    

Jodi Kuklenski (Rummelhart)

Planning for our 30th reunion is underway.  Details will be provided ASAP!

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