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12/01/08 04:16 PM #1    

Sondra Groves (Stirling)

Welcome to the Neshaminy High School Class Of 1989 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

12/12/08 08:51 PM #2    

Sondra Groves (Stirling)

Does anyone have information regarding Debbi Soifer? I have had some people asking about her. Please let me know. Thanks!


01/15/09 11:23 AM #3    

Jolanthe Smith (Behr)

Hello everyone. Didn't Scott Kirk graduate with us? Or am I wrong? I don't see his name on the list.

01/15/09 11:30 AM #4    

Dale Edberg

I think the people that are missed are listed as guest members in class profiles, when they register, until the site is updated

04/25/09 08:40 AM #5    

Jorge Murria

scott kirk I beleive would have , unless he did a GED. thing

09/21/09 11:37 PM #6    

Robert Feinstein

where is Brian hoy

06/13/14 01:52 PM #7    


Timothy Davis

For the 25yr reunion can the committee maybe put a laptop there so that those of us not in the U.S. can at least skype in and say Hi.

06/14/14 07:55 AM #8    


Karen Gerlach (Hilt)

Hi Joi, Scott Kirk did graduate with us. He sat next to me at graduation :)

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