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High School Tour


Steve Spillman has arranged for a tour of our old high school for Sat 10/14 at 1pm.  Should be interesting to see the school, no matter how much it's changed.  Meet for the tour under the large, exterior tiger head at the south end of the campus, adjacent to Hwy 50.

Extra activities while in town...

Thanks, Joe Breeden, for this list of interesting ideas:

Accommodations suggestions


These classmates are coming (as of 09/28/2017):

Bill James   2
Julia Peters Weddle 1
Sheryl Culp Chitwood 2
Terry Miller   2
Judy Pressley Sewell 1
Steve Spillman   2
David Barnes   1
Sharon McNutt Barnes 1
Herb Deister   2
Lee Ann Hermance Stamm 1
Patti Murphy Nitz 2
Steve Enyeart   2
Steve Shoot   1
John Long   2
Steve Leighter   2
Wendy Oberhelman   1
LeRoy Bradley   1
Joe Breeden   1
Marsha Norris Gieselman 1
Terry Marshall Wasson 1
Gary Lush   1
Ruth Randall Hicks 2
Mike Luikart   1
Rebecca Thompson Burkhart 1
Mike Hillyard   2
Doug West   2
Wanda  Standley Combs 2
Pat Kunard Bechel 2
Mary Galloway Barnes 1
Danny Morehead   2
Bob Storey   2
Lou Rittersbacher   2
Marvina Morris Williams 2
Nancy  Rathbone   1
Gary Tindall   1
Herb Soloman   2
Debbie Hart Cox 2
Jon Sturgeon   1
Dottie Wilson Schainker 1
Jill Clingenpeel Rice 2
Jerry Welch   2
Mike  Patterson   1
Connie Trent   1
Rick  Pam Kreher 2
Donald Macy   2
David Burbee   1
Bob Howard   2
Lynn Chapman Cassidy 2
Judy Burks Kelter 2
Dale Greer   2
Linda Quick Ahern 1


LSHS class of 1967 – 50-year class reunion committee met on Thursday 5-11-17 at the Heritage Park Retirement Community meeting room.  Committee members in attendance:  Bill James, Joe Breeden, Wendy Oberhelman and Marsha Norris Gieselman.

Reunion info/RSVP mailing has been sent out.  We did receive several letters back with wrong addresses for many classmates.  Another email will be sent out to classmates that we presently have emails on.  If any classmates have not received info for the reunion at this point in time please email your address/email to Bill James at bill@billsway.com.

There was discussion about 50-year reunion souvenirs:  Slate board with LSHS 1967 class picture embossed on it or reunion t-shirts. 

Classmates can bring keepsakes from high school to display and share at the reunion.

A suggestion was brought up about inviting teachers from high school.

Next meeting will be on Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 7:00.  The committee will tour the venue Tiff N Jays Grill. 

 Reunion announcement and RSVP that was mailed to all classmembers that we had addresses.