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02/12/09 08:53 PM #1    

Jeannine Bower

Welcome to the Lockport Senior High School Class Of 1967 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/20/09 02:38 PM #2    

Marcia Litz (Edmonston)

This is a great way to find out how our classmates are doing! It's fun to see where everyone lives now, it's hard to believe that so many years have gone by since we graduated from high school. I can't say that my high school years were the best time of my life but I do have lots of good memories.

03/17/09 11:26 AM #3    

Jane Roberts (Morante)

This is an ideal way to reconnect with classmates. I don't normally see many of them unless it's a reunion event. Thanks

03/19/09 02:50 PM #4    

Janice Litz (Beshaw)

This is a great way to stay in touch with classmates. Kudo's to those that got this up and running.

05/16/10 08:15 AM #5    

Linda Scott (Tolhurst)

So where is everyone. Ready for the next 1967 reunion in 2011? Hopefully this will catch on.

Linda Scott Tolhurst

03/09/12 01:10 PM #6    

Sue McCarthy (Dwyer)

Very nice job on establishing this website

05/07/12 11:33 AM #7    

William Smith

Hi!  How come only ladies have posted responses?  What is wrong with the men?  Can't wait to see old friends at this summer's reunion. 

03/02/13 04:32 PM #8    

Cheryl Wheaton (Pellingra)

This website is a great idea.  Thank you to all that worked on it.


04/09/13 01:26 PM #9    

Diana Foote (Mente)

Found these pics of our Baccalaureate committee, and of Mr. Behr's homeroom at Emmet Belknap, enjoy!     Diana Foote Mente

06/22/13 01:59 PM #10    

Robert Kirsch

Picture from Diana about Emmet Belknap homeroom brings back lots of memories.

07/29/13 08:09 PM #11    

Diana Foote (Mente)

Heard that Washington Hunt has closed. 

07/30/13 08:25 PM #12    

Christine Sully (Denniston)

Yes, sad but true.  We now have only Roy B Kelley, George Southard, Charles Upson, and Anna Merritt as we have already lost Charlotte Cross, Dewitt Clinton and John Pound.  With Washington Hunt it would have been too costly to make it handicap accessible and remodel, so instead there are additions going on at Kelley and Southard. Belknap now has all the 5th and 6th graders in the city and North Park has all the 7th and 8th graders in the city.  No more friendly rivalry!

08/31/16 09:07 AM #13    


Charlene LaFleur (Bower)

Happy Birthday wishes to all. 
Received a card that gave some interesting facts from 1949. 
Thought you might enjoy them:
RCA introduces the 45 RPM record.
Joe Dimaggio re-signs with Yankees for $100,000. The first six-figure contract in baseball.
First rocket launched into outer space.
Lucky Lady II, USAF B-50 completes first non-stop around world flight in 94 hours.
TV sales hit 60,000 per week. Look magazine declares radio is "doomed within 3 years.
The lone ranger and Candid Camera make television debut.
Born 1949: Sigourney Weaver, Richard Gere, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Bruce Jenner and John Belushi.
We of course are all the main event !!!

OK here goes.... some 1948 facts for our classmates:
Top Songs: Golden Earrings, Ray Charles; Honky Tonkin', Hank Williams; Nature Boy, Nat King Cole; Mariana, Peggy Lee; Buttons and Bows, Doris Day.
Famous Quote: Tonight, we have a really big shoe (shoe) by Ed Sullivan.
The Hotties: Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, Ava Gardner, Betty Grable, Jane Russell, Gene Tierny, Lana Turner.
Can't understand why they did not mention the men ?????
World Series: Cleveland Indians beat Boston Braves 4-2
Stanley Cup: Toronto Maple Leafs vs Detroit 4-0
NFL : Philadelphia Eagles
Firsts: Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour; Wright Flyer - 1st plane to fly returns to US from England; Arabs bomb attack in Jerusalem (50 die); WBEN-TV channel 4 Buffalo & KNXT (now CBS) TV channel 2 in LA broadcast; 1st color newsreel; velcro Swis, transistor radio USA; Porsche founded; US made long playing vinyl record at 33 rpm; 1st polaroid land camera model 95 cost $89.75.
Songs: Mule Train; That Lucky Old Sun (Frankie Lane); All I want for Christmas (is my 2 front teeth) by Spike Jones & Orchestra; Some Enchanted Evening ( Perry Como); Ghost Riders in the Sky (Vaughn Monroe & Orchestra); Muddy Waters
Hollywood: Hollywood Ten are jailed for contempt of Congress after being called as witnesses in House Committee Investigation of Un-American Activities; 
Films: Road to Rio, Easter Parade; Red Shoes.
Oscar: Gentlemen's Agreement.
Academy Awards: Hamlet ; Laurence Olivier for Hamlet & Jane Wyman for Johhny Belinda.
1948 Facts: 1948 was leap year; Orville Wright died; New home avg. cost $7,700.; Avg. wages $2,950.; Gallon gas 16 cents; new car $1250.; loaf bread 14 cents; US population 146,631,302; 1 million households own TV sets (only 5,000 owned in 1945).
Born: Prince Charles; Alice Cooper; Al Gore; Samuel Jackson; Andrew Lloyd Webber; Olivia Newton-John; Ozzy Osbourne; Donna Summer and James Taylor.
Scrabble, barcodes were invented

While hiding behind newspapers & magazines, many people were actually reading the new best seller book: Kinsey Report".

Time Magazine man of year is Harry S Truman

10/16/17 01:44 PM #14    

Diana Foote (Mente)

Ranger Bob Herberger in action, guiding a tour at the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, NY.  10/17/2017

Ranger Bob Herberger in action

10/16/17 01:49 PM #15    

Diana Foote (Mente)

Met up with Ranger Bob Herberger at the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park last week!



10/23/17 05:26 PM #16    

Diana Foote (Mente)

Sue (Miner) O'Donnell and I arranged to spend an afternoon together last week, since she was not able to be at the 50th reunion.  She drove east from Indiana and I drove west from near Lake Erie, and we met at historic Marshall, MI.   Here she is!


10/25/17 11:33 AM #17    

Gary Hewitson

Very nice photo of both of you. I trust you had a good time. That's a very nice thing to do.

01/07/19 07:23 AM #18    


Charlene LaFleur (Bower)

LSHS Reunion Committee met for Christmas dinner at the Fieldstone Dec. 2018/.

Wishing all Happy, healthy & peaceful New Year.

.Usually get together every couple of months for dinner.

Join us some time.

Here are pics from 2018

& 2017 dinner 


10/21/20 02:17 PM #19    

Sue McCarthy (Dwyer)

Sue McCarthy Dwyer,says Hey to all, hope you are doing as well as you all look.I am doing well myself,hope to see you folks,in Florida sorry no snow for me, take care luv ya

10/21/20 05:38 PM #20    

Marsha Zimmer

Hi, Sue!

Glad you and John are doing well! Everything is fine up here too!!!

Good to hear from you! Stay safe!


01/30/22 02:16 PM #21    

Diana Foote (Mente)

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