LICHS '72 Class Photos

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Please feel free to upload photos from your time at LICHS, or related photos of those years only. We will have a reunion gallery, a where are we now gallery, neighborhood, etc., as well. This is for photos of you or your HS pals during the era, e.g., friends from school, at school, on school trips, graduation, etc., etc. Please keep the photo size to 50 kB or below and saved at 72 dpi. We have LIMITED SPACE (200MB). We can get more space, but it means a higher monthly payment for the site. (If you guys want to contribute, I believe 1 gB is $16.99 per month, which is $7 more per month.) You can still get a decent sized photo uploaded at that size (see the photo I uploaded at 52 kB). Remember, we're not referring to the inch size of the photo, but the data size. There is an image editor available right here on this site if you need one! Have fun!


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Terry Schreiber Day
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Frank Casey
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Lisa M. Howard