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07/20/08 01:53 PM #43    

Lynn Huff (McCarter)

Okay, is anybody still checking the post? I want to know if more fun broke out after I left the reunion at midnight, and I hope all cameras were confiscated at the exit. We look so much better on the dance floor in our heads, not on film. Well, that's not true, some looked like you were holding up very well with all those years. Congrats!

Thanks Debbie, Chris, and Mike for organizing the activities and the reunion. You all let me know when the annual golf outing occurs. We can always plan it in San Francisco or San Diego where it doesn't rain ten months out of the year. Can't wait to see you all again. Who will be thinner, chubbier, or even hair follicle-ly challenged?

07/20/08 05:28 PM #44    

Debbie Ernspiker (Woodrow Prather)

Please start a page for yourself. Add Moore High class of 78 and find your other classmates that have their pics on facebook already.


07/20/08 10:24 PM #45    

Steven Ward

Just want to say thanks to Debbie, Chris, and Mike you all did a great job. Everything was wonderful. Hope to see everyone more often, every 5 years is not enough. Again thanks for all the hard work you 3 did. I will continue to check the web site for postings

07/21/08 12:13 AM #46    

Denise Farmer (Gregory)

I want to say THANKS to Rusty Skaggs and Billy Craddock. You guys were such great sports on friday at the golf scramble. You showed great patience with Sheri and me, gave advice only when we asked, did not seem to get frustrated with our lack of Golf knowledge and even let us hit the birdies. We had a lot of fun and I laughed more that day than I have in a long time.

Also, THANKS to you Mike for encouraging us to play and pairing us up with these 2 pros.

I think I need to spend some time at the driving range before I play this game again.

07/21/08 07:31 AM #47    

Amanda Jarnagin (Skaggs)

I would like to thank Debbie Hurt Freeman for organizing this fabulous event, Chris Duke for this wonderful web site and Mike Harding for doing the Golf Scramble (and being my life long friend!!). I look forward to seeing each of you in 2013... if not sooner!


07/21/08 07:25 PM #48    

Marcus Utley

Winner – Best Profile. Check out Michael Hussey’s. Short and Sweet. To refresh your memory, Mike was a quiet, straight-laced ROTC Guy who is now a Full-Bird Colonel in the Marines.

07/21/08 07:26 PM #49    

Marcus Utley

Had a Blast Saturday night. Great Job to all who worked so hard to make it happen. Missed some people, oh well maybe next time. Sorry I missed the Picnic. Hope it went well. I am enjoying the Website. I encourage everyone to keep it updated. Pass the word. Count me in if anyone's planning to meet occasionally, maybe some Poker or Golf.

07/22/08 06:01 PM #50    

Chuck Zeller

I wish to echo the others in thanking Debbie Hurt, Mike Harding, and Chris Duke on the fabulous job they did putting this reunion together. Chris the web site is great. I had a good time and it was wonderful seeing you all after all these years. I don’t recall seeing anyone that had changed beyond recognition, it appears that even though we're getting older, we're still getting better. Look forward to seeing everyone in another five.

07/24/08 09:38 AM #51    

Joe Hardesty

Attending this years 30th HS reunion allowed me to feel 30 years younger - if only for a few hours. I had a blast! Thanks to all those who worked hard organizing it and a BIG thank you for those who attended. You're all great friends! Keep in touch and see you in 5 years.

07/28/08 04:25 PM #52    

Debbie Hurt (Freeman)

Thanks to all that came out for the festivities!! Some of us are still at the country club partying. Is it time to go home already? We are in the process of changing the "Home Page" for the pictures & the future.
The website for the photographer is check it out. Others have websites with pictures for us to see. Send in the web address for us to post.
Sabrina will be in contact for girls night out(We are on the lookout for guys in drag trying to sneek in).Any activities that are planned please let us all know, maybe just dinner or a get together somewhere. I look forward to seeing the pictures & more of our fun Class of 78!!! Debbie

09/03/08 04:38 AM #53    

Steven Ward

Hope everyone had a great summer. It was great seeing all at the reunion and hope to see you all again soon. Till then stay safe and in touch.May God bless you all and keep you and your families safe. Steven Ward

11/28/08 03:07 PM #54    

Mike Harding

Hey out there. Does anyone monitor this site anymore?Hope everyone is well, and happy Thanksgiving to everybody.

12/10/08 12:24 AM #55    

Marcus Utley

Hello Mike. I do check it once in a while. Maybe a few people would like to have an informal gathering somewhere this summer.

02/01/09 08:38 AM #56    

Debbie Johnson (Winbun)

For those of you who have not ventured in to Face Book, you might want to give it a try. A lot of alumni from 1978 are out there and we are having a lot of fun getting back in touch. Now I know why my kids are so addicted. It's really a lot of fun. Hope to see you on FB soon.

02/19/09 04:43 AM #57    

Steven Ward

Ok I finally got on Face Book now if I can just figure out what to do with it. LOL See all of you there

02/22/09 11:17 PM #58    

Betsy Montgomery (Textor)

The whole Vertrees/Montgomery gang is on Facebook. We have to to keep up with each other. It is addicting and I don't get to spend as much time on it as I would like. Several friends from '78 are on there. Good place to post pictures occasionally.

05/28/09 09:46 AM #59    

Mike Harding

Hello... anyone out there? Just wanted to give an update on Scot Hubb's condition. Scot underwent triple heart bypass one week ago today. Surgery went well, but some complications followed. He is still in the hospital {Jewish), but is hoping to be released soon. He still awaits his transplant surgery. Hopefully that will take place in the next 3 mos. Let us all keep Scot, and his family in our prayers. I'll try to keep better updates.

06/17/09 10:51 AM #60    

Mike Harding

Another late update: Scot came home, but had to return due to fluid build-up. That kept him in the hospital another week. He did come home again on tuesday 06/09/09. He is improving, and we even played a little music this past Saturday. Thanks for everyones thoughts, and prayers.

02/20/10 08:13 AM #61    

Mike Harding

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to let everyone know that Scot Hubbs recieved the call he has been awaiting. He is on his way to Jewish Hospital for a kidney and pancreas transplant.
Let's all keep him in our prayers, and also the family of the donor.

03/12/10 07:00 AM #62    

Alesha Maxfield (Luxon)

Thanks so much for letting us know about Scot. What an ordeal he's been through. How is he doing since the transplant? Please keep us updated. If you do Facebook you can find me there also. Thanks so much!

05/31/13 12:48 AM #63    

Debbie Hurt (Freeman)

Hello fellow mustangs,

The 35th is almost here, and  need to have a really close head count to prepare for the really BIG night! We need to  know if you are aware and in touch with the reunion plans. Please update your profile on the class website, that lets us know your not" LOST".

We are having a really good response as usual, and want everyone there.It doesn't matter if you actually graduated or not. Or even if you are in the class of '78.  There are a lot of people that were in the next year etc. Tell them they are welcome. The Moore the merrier.

 We are planning a get together for Friday 7/12 at Roosters on Preston Hwy at 7:00pm and will have a room reserved for us. We've had other gatherings there, and they accomodate  us well.

Spread the word and look forward to seeing YOU the weekend of 7/13/13!!

Debbie Hurt Freeman

06/09/13 07:36 PM #64    

Rick Alexander

I hope to make it from Florida... been real busy..  If it was not for bussing I would of graduated in 78 there

07/07/13 01:17 PM #65    

Joe Ott (Teacher)


Sorry I can't attend again this year. I'm back in Costa Rica

02/14/14 11:33 PM #66    

Glenn Adwell (Adwell)

It truly is a small world.  I teach math at Breckinridge County High School and had one of my students tell me early in the year that her mother went to high school with me. It was Rita Loar Blackwell, whose youngest daughter Tessa is in my Pre-Algebra class.

08/19/16 12:30 AM #67    

Brent Roberts

Been wanting to say hello to class of 78 for awhile now. Just enjoying retirement from administration for JCPS will my lovely wife. I am keeping busy as a personal basketball shooting coach for several players here in louisville. Hope to see you at 40th.

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