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01/14/09 10:40 AM #116    

Susan Burkett (Frentz)

Hey Randy-I figured I might get a response out of you, if I left you a message on me or call me!

01/24/09 09:30 AM #117    

Angela Hammans (Griswold)

Just wanting to say hello to all and I hope you are doing well! I can't believe it's the end of January already!

As I am fast approaching the big "4-0" I have been thinking a lot about my life and friends. As I read about your lives, it seems we have actually all turned out 'okay'!!! LOL!

Even though I don't know every one of my classmates personally, you have all left an impression on me and I believe you are all wonderful people and am honored to know or be aquainted with each one of you!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

01/31/09 09:03 PM #118    

Susan Burkett (Frentz)

Hey Everyone!!! The final court date for our adoption is Wednesday, February 4th @ 3:15 p.m.!!! So excited! It will finally be over and he will be ours forever!!!

Thanks for love, support and prayers through this all...
God Bless

02/01/09 08:53 AM #119    

Dave Kauffman

Awesome. That sounds great! Congrats.

02/10/09 09:42 PM #120    

Penny Fisher (Edwards)

Hi all! I am in the process of digging through some old photos. I have added a few here and will add more as I sort them out.

02/12/09 12:08 PM #121    

Susan Stanley (Steele)

Hey Penny-How are you?

07/25/09 01:52 AM #122    

Dave Kauffman

Hi Everyone,

It's been very quiet on here lately.

A few of us went to watch Jason Koch and Dave Miller play at 8 Seconds Saloon a couple of weeks ago. They did some great covers and it was very loud :)

Class of '89 just had they're 20 year reunion. Looks like it was a big success.

If you want to see some of the pics from their reunion, check out this link:


12/01/09 05:18 PM #123    

Dave Kauffman

Anyone out there anymore? Would love to hear some updates on everyone!

12/01/09 08:43 PM #124    

Dave Townsend

Whatever happened to michelle payton? I dont even see her in the list of graduates from 88.. Did she not graduate with the rest of us? I'd love to know if anyone has any contact info for her... if anyone cares to email any info..



02/28/11 11:20 AM #125    

Dave Kauffman

Would be great to hear what folks have been up to.....

Not sure why it got so quiet here...


03/25/11 07:11 PM #126    


Susan Bower (Perry)

 Hi Dave!   Things have been so busy that I haven't had time to check for updates on our class site.  How have you been?  What adventures have you been up to lately?  I am a learning Coach for my two youngest children who enrolled for in Indiana Connections Academy for their opening year.  It keeps me hoping.  We also have 3 little foster boys right now who keep us more than busy.

12/12/11 12:28 AM #127    

Vince Woodard

Anyone still on here these days?  Dave, you still on here causing trouble? :)

01/16/13 08:26 AM #128    

Dave Kauffman

How's everyone doing?  Been pretty quiet here for quite a while.

03/12/13 06:01 PM #129    

Melinda Bratcher (Phillips)

I haven't been on here in awhile.  Just dropping in to say Hello.  Hope everyone is doing well.

04/21/13 10:49 PM #130    


Susan Bower (Perry)

Has anyone heard anything about a 25th reunion? 


06/16/13 07:59 PM #131    


Clinton Park

25th???  Are we?

07/22/13 08:30 PM #132    


Randy McPike

How about the reunion?  We can't let our 25th go by without a party!

09/28/13 06:41 PM #133    


Susan Bower (Perry)

I am wondering the same thing myself Randy and Clinton.  I sure would like to see everyone again.  I'm still trying to figure out where 25 years went.surprise

05/19/14 05:08 PM #134    

Peggy Hayden (Ambler)

ive been gone from here for awhile...will try to update this week or next.  good to stay connected.  a lot of you on facebook too:)  find me there as peggy veggie.  


05/21/14 11:56 AM #135    


Alicia Urban (Mason)

Just to let everyone know that Jim O'Connor passed away on May 12, 2014 at his home in Mooresville,IN.

05/22/14 05:20 PM #136    

Dave Townsend

That is terrible.  .somewhere buried i may still have some cassette tapes of him myself and brad dixon just talkin shit and playin music...

04/26/18 06:39 AM #137    

Hans Brawley

It's coming up to our 30th year ....any word of a reunion?

04/27/18 10:50 AM #138    

Davey Bingham

Yeah at your house.  LOL

06/23/18 09:28 AM #139    


Susan Bower (Perry)

08/02/18 11:33 AM #140    

Hans Brawley

Class reunion cedar creek winery Sept 22

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