Interesting Stuff

Try this out.  It's a website called "Akinator the Web Genie".   I think you'll be amused and maybe mystifiedAkinator

Think passing high school was tough?  You won't believe what it took to pass the 8th grade final exam in 1895 in Salina, KS.  Gary Goff sent this one to us.  Check it out.

Some of these optical illusions are really fascinating.  Be careful if you have motion sickness!

Optical Illusions

Here's another optical illusion.  Stare at the small cross in the center. The pink dots will start to disappear. Keep looking at the cross until the pink dots have completely disappeared.  Then follow the green dot, the pink dots will reappear and the green dot will disappear. There really isn't a green dot; it's an illusion created by the interaction of your eyes rods and cones (remember those terms from high school biology?)

Ed Nelson sent me this link.  After looking at the first few slides, you'll probably wonder how in the world they got such great pictures of these cars and scenes from the '50s and '60s...  Pretty amazing!

Great Old Car Slideshow

Ed also sent us this, some "Perfectly Timed Photos".  A couple of them are a little naughty so if you're offended easily, please avoid.  (That should get everyone to look).  Click here.

This is just fun to watch.

Here's some amazing photography. It's called a GigaPan and it's made by stitching a series of high resolution photos together. Zoom in and see if you know anybody down on the beach.  You can use your left mouse button to drag the image and use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out (there's also a help button to explain how to maneuver around).

Hanauma Bay

All too true...

another one...

An animated stick figure battles against his creator...

 Animator vs. Animation

This is an interesting "eye trick".  Up close you see Albert Einstein, but get a few feet away from your screen and it's somebody else.

These guys are absolutely crazy! Click here to see a video about Wing Suit cliff jumping. 

Morphing Presidents...

Drivers ed...