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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 64.2%

A:   104   Joined
B:   58   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


•   Steve Reigle  2/20
•   Margaret Cook (Elliott)  12/2
•   Eugene (Gene) Rogers  10/3
•   Winona Achilles (Godfrey)  9/28
•   John Lane  8/19
•   Gary Arthaud  7/4
•   Bruce Gustafson  6/27
•   Sheldon Brunk  2/16
•   Ed Nelson  1/25
•   Marilyn Buell (Brauer)  11/13
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•   Kathy Heitschmidt (Cavalier)  5/17
•   Sandy Gile (Kaufman)  5/21
•   Gail Johnson (Robins)  5/21
•   Jim Buss  5/22
•   Jerry Scharf  5/23
•   Linda Heiner (Fitzgerald)  5/29
•   Gary Arthaud  5/30
•   Jim Regehr  5/30
•   Dale Frans  6/1
•   Marilyn Buell (Brauer)  6/4

McPherson High School
Class Of 1965

Just got word today (June 16) that Mike Schmidt was found dead. Will post details when I get them.

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