Future Reunion

We were scheduled to have a class reunion in 2020 but then Covid hit and all reunions were cancelled that year.  Since then, several classmates have shown interest in having another reunion.  Our next "scheduled" reunion would be in 2025 but that doesn't mean we have to wait until then nor are we locked in to the traditional August date for a reunion.  Maybe a less structured gathering of our class when the weather is more comfortable would be the way to go.  For instance, some classes meet in McPherson during All Schools Day weekend.  Enter your thoughts and ideas about a class reunion in the box below and hit the "Submit" button.  The reunion committee is getting old and needs your help.

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1)   Would you like to have a reunion this year, next year or every year? Do you prefer a structured activity or is having more time for visiting of more interest? What time of the year would be best for a reunion? Any other suggestions are welcome.

Please share your ideas with us so we can move forward. Reunion planning takes time but you can help shorten the time. Thanks.