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01/17/09 04:52 AM #3    

Regina Marie Watson

Connie - GREAT JOB!! I would love to hear from ANYBODY!! My high school years were a fun part of my life.

01/23/09 07:32 PM #4    


Sallie Ann Christman (Byers)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Connie, for getting this awesome website up and running. I have enjoyed so much reconnecting with some of my classmates over the past several weeks and am really looking forward to hearing from even more in the upcoming months. "Kudos" to you for a job well done!!! Sallie Christman Byers

01/30/09 07:51 PM #5    

Helen Gorley (Deverin (64))

Connie-A big thank you for allowing me to be a "guest" on your site!I am class of 1964 officially,but went to St Francis with so many & hung out in the neighborhood-Hollywood Ave,Spear St,Upland Ave with a lot of 1965 kids.So many memories ago-it's fun to catch up & see who went where etc.Congrats on the super site-wish 1964 had a site too!Thanks again for sharing-Helen

02/08/09 10:47 PM #6    

Kevin Christel

I think you set off a storm of activity among our classmates. Thank you for doing all you've done to organize the site. Hopefully, the 2010 reunion turnout will be great. I will attend if I'm still kicking.

02/20/09 08:26 PM #7    


Cliff Breen

If you have some memories to share about our classmates who have passed away please add them to the In Memory profiles. Andy Kiss and George Govelitz were 2 of my tight buddies from school. We didn't see much of Andy after freshman year in college and we should have tried to stay in touch. George was always visiting and partying with us right up until we moved away from Metuchen.

03/22/09 05:49 PM #8    

Jan (Jonne) Seldow (Dmochowski)

Connie, Thank you so much for including me in the Class of 65. You made a wonderful web site. I have pictures and will figure out how to post them to here. Thanks again. Jonne

05/05/09 06:05 PM #9    

Irene Egnatzky (Kester)

Connie, great web site. I want to thank Irene Paskewicz (spelling) for leaving a message on my answering machine. How did she ever get my phone number?? It will be great hearing from my classmates.

12/12/09 09:55 PM #10    

George Douglass

Connie great job on the website one bit of critisim why ain't those elves doin' the Chickenback?

02/23/10 03:54 PM #11    

Irene Ann Paszkewicz (Smoliga)

This past week I was in Florida and had a great time with Connie and Lynn MacWilliam!
Connie showed us her computer and all the paperwork involved with setting all of this up.
I was amazed at all the programs she installed to make all this work. She has spent countless hours getting all of this together.
Again, thanks to her for making this all possible. It has been so great to re-connect with so many people!
Also, thanks to Alan Davis for the work he did for us with the yearbook.
Hope to see everyone at the reunion in september!!

07/20/10 02:40 PM #12    

George W. Coss (1964)

I have just posted in Janis Claypoole's (Coss) Profile the remarks I wrote and read at her Memorial Service as a tribute to her memory.  Thanks Connie for organizing this site, which has allowed me to share this rememberance with the rest of her classmates.

07/27/10 01:00 PM #13    

Daniel Lupfer

Today's Newark Star Ledger reports that President Obama is coming to New Jersey tomorrow and is going to go get a sub at Tastee Sub Shop in Edison!  Best subs ever, I'll be sure to go there at some point during Reunion weekend.  Check the national news outlets to see if there's any coverage of his visit to Tastee tomorrow.

08/03/10 02:49 PM #14    

Irene Ann Paszkewicz (Smoliga)

In response to Dan's post, my husband is taking a cooler so we can take a few subs home on Sunday!!  We loved their subs too!   No one here makes them as good! See you all next month!  Safe travels to everyone!


09/20/10 06:18 AM #15    

Irene Ann Paszkewicz (Smoliga)



The reunion was wonderful- had four great days of fun!  It was wonderful to see everyone!  Sorry to have to wait until 2015 for the next one!  I enjoyed working on this and hope to find some more missing clasmates!

Thanks again, Connie!!!

04/04/12 03:48 PM #16    

Euzebio A. Cura

does anyone have any details on the passing of Jim Dufault...we grew up together on Mayfield Place in Metuchen..would appreciate any info..thanks..Zeb Cura

11/08/12 05:30 PM #17    

Stephanie Frank Kyle (Peterson)

November 2012


Our hearts go out to  friends, family  and all who are affected by the recent hurricane, storm and now a recurrance of unfortunate weather.  We support you through efforts of the Red Cross and watch and pray for recovery of homes and spirit.  stephanie kyle

12/05/12 03:07 PM #18    

Lynn Apfelbaum (Woldar)

Happy Holiday season to everyone- Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.  As my dad used to say, be healthy , wealthy  and wise.  Good, safe holiday.  Lynn Apfelbaum Woldar

01/31/13 10:00 AM #19    


Eileen Mechanik (Lebegue)

Hi Lynn!  Just went on our class website, and saw your message!  I looked at all the current photos of people and said"who are thee older people?"  I hated my year book photos.  those bangs were so-oo wrong for my face!  It's crazy but I look better now than I did in High School!  I want to drive down to Ediso to see you.  I will call you over the week-end.  Let's do this  Finally!!!!  Happy and Healthy New year to you and yur family!





02/02/13 08:05 AM #20    


Constance Thornall (Hope)

Hello All,

Happy New Year to you all.  Keep helping us find missing classmates.  We still have many to find.

Our reunion is a little over two years away.  Will be firming up the date soon.  Thanks goes out to my committee.  We will be having a Reunion meeting in Florida in February.....we're calling it a dinner for three.

See you all real soon.  Please stay healthy and safe.




01/01/14 02:04 PM #21    

Daniel Lupfer

Ruth Baumann Nelson has passed away, December 31, 2013.  She was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer around Thanksgiving, and moved to Hawaii at Christmas to be with her daughter in her last days.  Classmates and Facebook allowed us to stay in touch over the past several years, for which I am grateful.  Rest in peace Ruthie.  Dan Lupfer

01/01/14 02:39 PM #22    

Irene Ann Paszkewicz (Smoliga)

How sad to hear of so many of our classmates passing away...

Best wishes to everyone,

Irene Paszkewicz Smoliga

01/01/14 06:22 PM #23    

Karen Motylewski

Knowing Tom, he's probably shared this already, but in case he hasn't, you might all be interested to hear about Tom Cheche's first solo photo exhibit at the Delaplaine arts center in Frederick, Maryland, or see his Web site at‎ I hope everyone had a lovely holiday, and look forward to good things for everyone in the new year.  Cheers, all.

Karen (Motylewski).  Who in the world would use "Motylewski-Cheche"?

Inline Image Not Displayed

08/28/15 12:58 PM #24    

Irene Ann Paszkewicz (Smoliga)

Today I received this message from Jeff Saltzman regarding the reunion.  I asked him if it was okay with him for me to publish it on the website and he gave me permission.



Hi there Irene and EVERYONE ELSE.

It is one of the regrets of my life that I'm not able to attend our 50th.  I have been so much looking forward to it but health concerns preclude my attendance.
It's VERY hard to imagine that 50 years have gone by.  I remember in H.S. how time time just seemed to ddrraagggggg on forever every single day.  And now the years just seem to FLY BY!!  You know you're getting older when you find yourself attending many more funerals than
I've found myself lately waxing nostalgic and listening to all of our favorite songs from the late '50's through the early '60's.  The dances with girls and one side...boys on the other....waiting to see who was the brave one to cover the mile-wide distance FIRST.
I'm remembering Susan Hardy tying for first place at dancing school.  Danforths on the way to Franklin Jr. high.  In H.S. my permanent seat in the Vice Principal's office. I'm remembering the class bully who, unfortunately, has passed away. As has my best friend...Ricky Apblet. I'm remembering our double dates with Ricky, Marilyn Wagner, Lynn Apfelbaum and myself at the drive in....desperately just trying to get to "second base".  Mr, O'Hale with the permanent sweat stains....Ms. Haitch and her B O R I N G English classes....and my favorite teacher, Mr. McMillan.  Attending Jim Bunning's perfect game for the Phillies against the Mets in the summer of 1965.
Truth time - the most alive I've ever felt, now as well as then, was during my two tours in Vietnam.  Each day was a new "adventure"...good and bad.  But I've never felt as close to men as during that time. Race and social status went out the window as you learned that you had to depend upon one another to survive. We each had each other's back constantly.
So, I just wanted to say a VERY hearty "hi" to all my friends from a bygone era. Keep me in your thoughts on this occasion and have a WONDERFUL TIME,on this VERY special occasion.
Your friend,
Jeff Saltzman

08/30/15 11:42 AM #25    

Robert (Bob) Carlsen

Thank you for sharing the message from Jeff Saltzman.  His comments and memories brought back many of my own pleasant memories of good times spent with Jeff and others he mentioned during my two years at Metuchen H.S.  I hope I am able to get back together with all of you again at a future reunion.


Bob Carlsen


09/21/15 06:17 AM #26    

Irene Ann Paszkewicz (Smoliga)

The reunion was wonderful and time past by too quickly!  It was great to see all those who attended!  Hope everyone had a safe trip home!   Please keep in touch!  Best wishes to all!

05/12/21 06:19 PM #27    

Irene Ann Paszkewicz (Smoliga)

Sad news- we have lost another classmate.


Bob Bigos passed away today after a lengthy cancer battle.  The past year has been especially hard for him and his family as he had been hospitalized many times.  He had lived in Woodbrige, NJ for many years.





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