Memory Lane

Summer of Junior Year. Nice Shorts L to R: Mike Bair, Joey Petrany, Tracy Brookes (Brooksey), Ron Jones (Jonesy), Cliffie O Hara, George Freibott  
June 1980 Back row L to R: Scott Haldane, Ed Gentry, Stephanie Bennet, ?? ,Lisa Camarda, Robert Foster, John Vetterl, Jimmy Raia, Middle Row: ??, Judy Binetti, Greg Puccia, Cynthia Luton, Marylynn Harrigan, Steve Hoffman Seated: Laura Direda, Anita Davis, Kathie Westrich If anyone knows the missing names or I have names wrong, please email Sue Maresca, thanks. Left to right: Linda Wilson, Lisa Boix, Kelly Bennin, Laurie Anna Kaplan, Karen Lee (she went to South)
Kim McHugh, Elaina Morris, Amy-Beth Straughn

Allen, Vinny, JP, Mark, and Rich having some good old-fashioned fun

Joe DeLorenzo. No introduction required. NYC Detective (think he knows Sipowicz?)
Was a Cop, now a Lawyer (Deputy Attorney General) Happily surprised this person has not been incarcerated!!! LOL



from left to right Old Guy, Frank Spillane, Peter Smith, Dr Frederick Ball, Dr. Bernhard Schneider (Superintentdant) (seated),
Dr. William Gillcrest, Mr Campanile (on pedestal),  Secretaries Doris Schnoor and Betty Cherne.  The two characters in the monitor in the background are Bert & Ernie.

Thanks to the Artist, Larry Jankowski, we now have names for all the characters, um, Administrators.

Submitted by J.P. Terry