Senior Canoe Trip

Mr Scharmann, Physics Teacher, had a canoe trip every year with his senior and junior classes. Seniors went down Friday to party, then canoe Saturday, then home on Sunday. Juniors weren't allowed the Friday night. On our trip it started to rain in the middle of the night and washed us out, so we never actually got to canoe. We had a ton of fun tho. No alcohol was supposed to be allowed, but of course we brought tons. Mr Scharmann 'found out' and came over to confront us, he then confiscated a 12-pack of Tuborg.... off the top of a very tall stack of 12-packs. ROFL, I think Adam brought the Tuborg.

My tent collapsed in the middle of the night and I wound up in someones extra tent. They had brought if for equipment, I think it was Adam and Ed's tent, but that was 25 years ago... and I could be wrong. The girls (Shannon and Elaina & 2 others) tent was set up in a great spot.... until it rained. Turns out it was in a hollow that filled with water LOL. Laura Harnley had it the best, she had her Dads' VW Bus Camper, it was clean and dry and had a stove inside! Steve Hoffmans' car got stuck in the mud and we all had to push it out, I think the taillights got busted when someone tried to push it with a car.

We had a muddy, drunken mess, but it was a blast!

These have faded over the years, some are better than others. If anyone can fill in some names that would be great!
If there is a question mark next to a name it means I'm guessing who it is.

Mr. William "Wee Willy" Scharmann  R.I.P. you were a great teacher.  What's the Vector?

2. Mr. Scharmann (?) arriving.

3. Tom Ritter, Jim Vigilante (back?) & Chris Cerbo

4. Adam Heck looking like he's up to no good! 
5. Bill Papas & Michelle Palmer

6. 1/2 of somebody & Dennis Hood

7. Sue Reinholt (?) & Judy Rand

8. Lisa Gent (?) 
9. Chris Cerbo, Lisa Gent (?), Lee Snyder (back?)

10. Adam and Tuborg - BFF

11. Kim Holt, she looks the same as she did then!

12. Chris, Lisa and Lee
13. Laura Harnly warm and dry in the VW Bus

14. Sharon McCully & Elaina Morris and the back of someone else.
And then it rained.  And rained.  And rained.  And rained some more.
15. No clue

16. IDK, but obviously wet and unhappy, and I think in the band

17. Tom Ritter, chillin'

18. Nature call

19. Dave Carraro preparing to take some scalps

20. Dave Carraro unconscious

21. Steve Hoffman

22. Michele Palmer in a rare photo without Bill Pappas

23. No Clue

24. IDK and Kim (?) peeking out of the tent.

25.John MacRae, Steve Hoffman, IDK  & Wee Willie

26. I know the tall guy is Tom Ritter
27. Dennis Hood and some lunatic

28. My cheap ass, fall down, get wet and leak, pour tons of water on the sleeping idiot inside tent.
29. Steve, Laura and John eating Entemanns and drinking hot coffee, roughing it in the VW camper!

30. I have no idea
31. IDK

32. Some lunatic

33. IDK

34. IDK

35. Karen Hood and Kim Holt

36. John in a good mood and Steve Hoffman
37. Un sticking Steves car, Steve & Janis Heller

38. Mud Hell
39. Busted lights, picture taken for insurance purposes, did they ever pay up?

40. Free, free, thank god almighty we are free at last!