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03/07/09 11:08 AM #5    

Dan Linebarger

Thank you for going to the effort to make this happen.
Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

03/10/09 06:25 PM #6    

Jerry Penick

Great Job Cindi, Thanks!

03/11/09 08:22 PM #7    

Cindi Cary (Mladenka)

Hope ya'll check back, I'll be adding new stuff all the time...(and yes, I do sleep SOMETIMES!)

Thanks for joining us!

03/13/09 12:14 PM #8    

Terry Seth

Cindi, Thanks for getting this going.

03/14/09 06:41 PM #9    


Larry Millican

What a great job on this website. Thanks for taking the time to create it!

03/14/09 07:17 PM #10    

Pat Shaunessy

Cindi, thanks for your efforts!

I am thankful that Loretta can still type!

03/31/09 05:07 PM #11    

Cindi Cary (Mladenka)

hahaha,I just read this, Pat! Glad to see you still have your sense of humor!

04/07/09 11:57 AM #12    

Emily Armstrong (Scott)

Hey guys--Marci Hibler's last name is not Hernandez--it's Hanna--I'll keep buggin' her to log on!! Thanks for setting this up--it is great!

04/12/09 09:43 AM #13    

Lea Hunt (Holt)

You are doing a great job. You should think about becoming an event planner.

I truly hope I can make the reunion. Airfare from Botswana is really expensive.

04/16/09 12:55 AM #14    

Cindi Cary (Mladenka)

Dena Lea,
Shame on you for moving to Botswana and not letting your favorite reunion committee know! Especially, since the last time I saw you it was in 'Mexico'! :)

04/27/09 12:08 AM #15    

Cindi Cary (Mladenka)

Hey Sharon,
Thanks for your inquiries! We truly want your feedback for future reunion reference. Go to the link on the left and submit ideas under "Got an Idea"?.

Most of the suggestions for this year were carefully chosen after lots of research that began last fall. Pricing, entertainment value, 'more bang for our buck', what worked and didn't work in the past - all ideas were taken into consideration. We put final selections before a joint LHS/MHS group at a noon meeting so everyone could attend, and voice their opnion.
The results were an overwhelming vote for the selections made for this year's reunion.
I think the Classes of '74 will be pleased!

We will release the info in just a few days....stay tuned!

05/03/09 08:35 AM #16    

Sharon Dickens

Is the reunion going to be a joint reunion of LHS and MHS?

05/03/09 07:36 PM #17    

Janna Thompson

Lea Hunt Holt,

what the hell are you doing in Botswana??


05/03/09 07:43 PM #18    

Janna Thompson


I just want to add to everyone's comments-yes, you have done an excellent job. I am looking forward to the event.


05/05/09 12:44 AM #19    

Cindi Cary (Mladenka)

Yep, Sharon, we are having 2 big nights with MHS...But Friday night will be split, just in the same location....also, in answer to your earlier question - a 'call to help' will be coming in the mail, so if you're interested, watch for it!

Thanks Jana! glad you like the site! It's been fun!

See you in June!

05/16/09 08:02 PM #20    

Sharon Dickens

I received the information packet in the mail that I have been waiting for. It said to go to the web site for information. I do not see any additional information. I also received the insert of your need for helpers which I would not mind volunteering but I have not received enough information regarding the reunion to commit.

05/20/09 06:16 PM #21    

Karen Conger (Welton)

Cindi, have you contacted any hotels for group rates? We are looking forward to the details of the weekend. Thanks for your hard work.

05/26/09 12:22 AM #22    

Cindi Cary (Mladenka)

Yes, we will be posting that info shortly....Our host hotel will be the Hilton with reserved block of rooms and great rates. Our second hotel block is with the Holiday Inn Express on Loop 250. Also very good rates.
All will be on the site shortly with code numbers, etc. for the reservations.

06/01/09 11:48 AM #23    

John Peterson


Thanks for sending the "BIG EVENT" details. I registered this morning and Louise and I will be there "with bells on" ... or is it with "bellbottoms" on? :-). Thanks again for all your hard work putting this together and we'll see you and all our LHS & MHS buddies there!

Everybody needs to put the "pedal to the metal" to be in Midland on June 26 & 27!! Click the link below for driving directions...

06/02/09 02:46 PM #24    

Cindi Cary (Mladenka)

Hahaha! 10-4 Good buddy! Hope everybody 'copied' that!
See you in a few weeks!

06/03/09 09:04 AM #25    

Lana Russell

Cindi and crew - thanks so much for putting this together. The website is so fun. Can't make the hoo...but maybe I will be living back in the good ole Lone Star State by the time the next one rolls around. Once again, thank you for all your work. Y'all have a great time!!!

06/13/09 12:05 PM #26    

Karen Conger (Welton)

Why is a Rebelette picture of the 1975 class on our "Friday Nite Lights" site?

06/13/09 06:40 PM #27    

Cindi Cary (Mladenka)

Class of '75 Rebelettes? Well heaven forbid! Let me check on that...

06/13/09 06:42 PM #28    

Cindi Cary (Mladenka)

Oops! we'll make that change! Thanks Karen - wrong upload!

06/21/09 11:46 PM #29    

Gail Green (Riggan)

OMG Cindi is the best!!! Thanks so much for everything you have done. So sorry Tim and I won't be there, planned a family vacation in December for this weekend..too many people involved to change it. Everyone have a drink for us and have a great time!!!!!

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