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06/22/09 10:14 AM #30    

Roger Dixon

Cindi, This is really a great website. I had planned on coming this weekend, but now i don't think I can make it. I have an autistic son, Josh, who it looks like I'm going to have to move to a new apartment this weekend. He stays at a group home in Houston and they are changing Apartments. It so sad because I've really starting hearing from old classmates because of this website and wanted to see them again. Thanks again for all your efforts....Roger

06/23/09 04:38 PM #31    

Jason Tankersley


Thank you for pulling all of this together. I won't be coming to the reunion -- high school was something I endured rather than enjoyed -- but it has been fun reading how our class has done since graduating.

06/28/09 02:06 AM #32    


Karen Haskell (Rucker)

Well, the reunion is now history and I gotta say it was terrific! It was so great seeing everyone. I had a wonderful time. Thank you, Cindi, for such a well-planned and organized event. Linda Hagler and Mary Patchell also did an amazing job. Can't wait for the 40th! Love you all.

06/28/09 05:30 AM #33    

Pat Shaunessy

It was a great time! Thank you Cindi, for stepping up and making this happen! Thanks to all who contributed and came. Had a blast!

06/28/09 07:24 PM #34    

Janna Thompson

I have to ditto Karen and Pat It was a wonderful reunion and I had a great time. Cindi you did a great job and it is very much appreciated by all that attended!!! Good to see everyone I believe we have all aged beautifully

Katie thanks for opening your home to us all for brunch on Sat great time!!!

Janna Thompson

06/29/09 12:01 PM #35    

Rick O'Bannon

Cindi, thanks again for all your hard work for putting a hell of a 35th reunion together. It was a lot a fun cathcing up and renewing old friendships. To all the classmates of '74 I wish you and your families a safe healthy and prosperous life and until we meet again I want to leave you with an ole Irish blessing:

"May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields,
And until we meet again,
May God hold you
In the palm of his hand."

Rick O'Bannon

06/30/09 09:09 AM #36    

Jo Ellen Wynne

Well I guess I will chime in with the others. I had a blast. It was great to see everyone. We haven't really changed, have we:-)


06/30/09 09:53 AM #37    

Cindi Cary (Mladenka)

Hands down, ya'll are THE BEST!
Isn't it nice to come back and just 'hang out' with old friends?

So stay tuned...Yoyo and I have taken the liberty to go ahead and start planning for the 40th....we will post a date for the reunion soon (believe it or not!)
(Hey, you can never start too early, so no excuses for not being here!:)

In the meantime, take care of yourselves, stay healthy and stay in touch!
Oh, and check back on this site now and then...We'll be here!

On,on ye Rebels!

06/30/09 10:13 AM #38    

Cynthia Coolidge (Rodriguez)

Since I was unable to attend the reunion, I checked out the photos on line. Either I have a bad memory or 35 years is a LONG time. I didn't recognize hardly anyone!Perhaps the old photos on the name tags need to be poster size!!!! Ha! Ha! Hope you all had a terrific time!

Cindy Coolidge Rodriguez

06/30/09 10:20 AM #39    

Cindi Cary (Mladenka)

Hahaha! Cindy, you think seeing the photos online is shoulda seen how many re-introductions I witnessed, 'cause noone was quite sure who they were talking to! :)
And no, it's not your memory or anything...35 years IS a long time, but I'm convinced the photos on the nametags don't matter....Just print the name BIG!!

We missed you, but will be keeping everyone up-to-date on the next one, so if you know anyone who hasn't signed into this site, please pass it along.

06/30/09 03:37 PM #40    

Marti Smith (Ashabranner)

We had a great time seeing and catching up with everybody. I must say we all aged quite well. Thanks for all the hard work put into the planning, you folks did great (Cindi, Linda, Pat, Dan and anyone else who helped). Thanks for all the laughter I saw going on over the weekend, it was a nice break from the day to day routine.

Take care and until we see each other again...


07/03/09 07:18 PM #41    

Kitty Moore (Lutke)

So sorry I missed the reunion! If you would like to be a paid extra(or your kids and grandkids) in "Straw Dogs", a new movie we are shooting in Shreveport, LA, please email my friend Ryan Glorioso at If you have any questions, email me. We start shooting Aug. 17. Sony Screen Gems is making the movie. Auditions are July 11, from 11:am-5PM in Bossier City, (twin city - like Odessa was), at 540 Boardwalk. You can just show up or go to his website above and email him.....Good luck rebels!!!

07/03/09 07:54 PM #42    

Kitty Moore (Lutke)

Hey guys!!! My friend, Andy Dick is going to be on Comedy Central soon and needs some jokes....Anyone have original jokes? Email them to me and watch him say your joke on Comedy Central. He is sober now, has to, wearing a SCRAM alcohol moniter on his left leg. He will have one year sober, July 21 or this year!!!! You can check out what he is doing (If you want) at "blog Andy Dick" and then go the "Sober Andy" for his latest streamings on USTREAM....He has a forum there and you can talk to him or email him. If you do, tell him you went to school with me! My son was his personal assistant on "Blonde Ambition" with Jessica Simpson. (Look at my photos). Take care, and God bless!

07/05/09 10:48 PM #43    

Betsy Gourley (Chesky)


Thanks for putting this web site together. I didn't make it to the reunion, but I've really enjoyed catching up on all the news and seeing all the old (and new) faces.

Betsy (Gourley) Chesky

07/05/09 11:31 PM #44    

Kitty Moore (Lutke)

What is your most memorable time at LHS?

07/21/09 10:42 PM #45    

Kitty Moore (Lutke)

My buddy, gets the SCRAM ancle bracelet off his leg today. Andy Dick, has worn that for one year. You haven't heard anything bad about him in a year, right??? Well, just wait..... I used to wheel him around in a chair at the casinos here in Shreveport...Let us pray that he doesn't get drunk tonight and drug-up and the people he has worked with.....I love you rebels!!!!!!

09/22/11 06:48 PM #46    


Linda Hagler

Come see LURETTA BYBEE (LHS '74) in Midland this week-end!!

FRIDAY night: LURETTA BYBEE will be singing the National Anthem at the LHS Homecoming Football Game.

SATURDAY morning: Luretta will be inducted into the LHS Hall of Fame at 11:00 a.m. at the Lee High School library.


12/25/13 12:53 PM #47    

Sharon Dickens

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

As 2014 and our 40 year class reunion approaches, what is in the planning, and how do you become a part of that process?

09/04/14 07:07 PM #48    

Sharon Dickens

Get ready for the 40th Rebel/Bulldog Class Reunion with line dance classes taught at Midland College September 17, 2014 until November 22, 2014. Be ready to hit the floor when the music starts and dance until the music stops. Learn all the popular line dances. Bring a request and lets all dance in unison. Don't sit at the reunion because you do not have a partner, no partner needed. The is for men and women of all ages, crossing gender, age, and cultural barrier. Click on the link and register. DON'T MISS IT!


09/12/14 01:01 PM #49    


Joe Pickering

Ok, Fast forward to 2014. Whats the deal on the 40th? Who do I RSVP to? Looking forward to the LHS-MHS game and I will be there with Randy Weatherford and others. Cindi, you are my go-to girl so hook me up!

10/03/14 07:24 AM #50    


Larry Millican

Cindi, I also need information on where to RSVP for the 40th reunion. I thought i had received something but cant seem to locate it. 


Larry Millican

10/04/14 02:56 PM #51    


Karen Haskell (Rucker)

Larry and Joe,  Send checks to Cindi Mladenka 1413 Bedford Drive, Midland, 79701.  $100 for one person, $175 for two.  Make checks out to LHS 40th Reunion.  ( I also had to ask.) ~KR



10/05/14 06:41 AM #52    


Joe Pickering

Thanks for checking on this Karen, I'm in Vietnam right now but I will send Cindi an RSVP and $ 2,170,000.00 Vietnamese dong ASAP. 

10/05/14 05:32 PM #53    


Karen Haskell (Rucker)

That would be 139.85 Euro!

05/22/20 02:24 AM #54    

Sharon Dickens

Hope everyone survive the corona virus crisis. We are living in some challenging times, but stay prayerful and God protect us all. I had some issues and did not make the last reunion. Most of us are turning 65, I was hoping we would celebrate something together, as I could not make last one, but it seems God has a different mission. I was trying to grasp, is this really real, so my nightly prayers is God keep all our souls while we sleep, because so many are not waking up or surviving. Love to you all!!!!

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