He's BACK!

 Many of you will remember waking up on Friday morning to the Midland Reporter Telegram's Friday Football predictions.....This was usually accompanied by a great cartoon by our famous Norman Johnson.  He has agreed to come back for this season, and do some more of his wonderful artwork!  Here's the first of many!  Enjoy!

From:  John "JohnnyReb" White....(Class of '73)

For 27 years Norman Johnson entertained the Midland Reporter Telegram Readership with his weekly cartoon graphics featuring the Midland Lee Rebel Mascot ( The Lil' General) during the fall high school football season in West Texas.

Following in the footsteps of the highly respected sport mascot cartoonist Dirk West in the mid 70's, Norman created his own Little Southwest Conference Universe. From the fledgling young Johnnyreb that Mr. West created to a more muture and confident Rebel Mascot ( The Rebel General) that represented the emerging state power that Midland Lee was becoming in the early 80's.

I would venture to say that Norman has created at least 350 panels during his stay with the MRT chronicling the epic battles that have graced the Stadiums of West Texas over the years, as well adding his own special flair of humor to his two dimensional world.

In his show of support for the Midland Lee Rebel Football Team, Mr. Norman Johnson has graciously allowed us to publish his new creations during this season for all of you to enjoy. It is an honor and a privilege to be allowed to be a part of the re-emergence of the Lil General.

I will be publishing Norman's work through the year on my facebook site, as well as the Alumni one as well. I will be replacing the current photo Avatar of the site with Norman's work and that will be edited each week when his next panel emerges. His old copies will be stored in the regular photo album at the botton of the page along with the other Rebel photos and memorbilia of the past.

If you have the chance, you might give Norman a big Rebel thank you, whether he is on your current friends list or not. Welcome back home to the Rebel Nation. Norman. You have been sorely missed.