Missed the Reunion? 

We missed you, but now you can check out this slideshow,

and see who YOU recognize! 

Thanks to Wallace Craig, our 'Roving Reunion Reporter' (photographer)!


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But now for the rest of the story........


The Honorable Mayor Wes Perry (MHS) signs the Proclamation claiming

June 26 & 27, 2009 as "Dixie Dawg Days" kicking off the Reunion weekend!


reading of proclamation

The official reading of the Proclamation in front of City Hall...

(L-R) Linda Hagler (LHS), Mayor Perry (MHS), Cindi Cary Mladenka (LHS) Yoyo Sellars Ketter (MHS)


Part of the crowd that gathered for the reading of the Proclamation...


The Hubbard's "Backyard Brunch" on Saturday morning had Bill Welton (LHS)

getting things ready out in the outdoor living area...


Linda Hagler (LHS) visits with John Peterson (LHS) poolside at the brunch...


"Long lost" Will Lundy (LHS) and Mike Reavis (LHS) visit with Becky Reavis...


Marsha Jolly Dueease sneaks up and "lays one on him" after 35 years~!!

You think he was surprised?? (Sorry Will, I just HAD to include this! )


Smiles all around...:)

(L-R) Gail Hawley Hankinson, Karen Conger Welton, Becky Meyer Wilson, Cindi Cary Mladenka,

Katie McMillan Hubbard and Susan Cloyd Riek (All LHS)


That gorgeous smile!

Jo Hendrix Langlitz (MHS) visits with Albert Metcalf (MHS), his wife Marietta, and their daughter...


Girls Gone Glam!

(L-R) Marsha Jolly Dueease (LHS), Kayla Goodrich Swenson (LHS), Karen Haskell Rucker (LHS),

Janet Gieb Helm (LHS), Cindi Cary Mladenka (LHS), Jo Hendrix Langlitz (MHS) and

Carla Tergeson Frazier (LHS)


Old college roomies still share a good laugh!

Cindi Cary Mladenka and Lea Hunt Holt


Mike Wilson, Steve Hankinson (LHS) and Jack Rawdon (LHS) enjoying the shade...


Mims and Ketter!

(Martha Mims Manulik and Pat Ketter Snyder-both MHS)


Lea Hunt Holt (LHS) 'grooms' her story for Martha Mims Manulik (MHS), Jo Hendrix Langlitz (MHS),

Pat Ketter Snyder (MHS), Pat Powers Austin (MHS) and Marsha Jolly Dueease (LHS)


Staying in the shade are (LR) Kayla Goodrich Swenson (LHS),

Carla Tergeson Frazier (LHS), Pat Powers Austin (MHS) along with

Jay Frazier (LHS) and Jack Rawdon (LHS)


At the end of Saturday night, an impromptu 'Balloon Release"

was held. All the balloons were gathered up by classmates, each holding one or two

of their school's color, and after making a 'wish' or 'prayer' for health, happiness

and the ability to return in five years, the balloons lifted off into the night sky!




Thanks to all who made the effort to attend this 35th Reunion!

A special thanks to Pat Shaunessy for his enthusiasm to help all weekend, (especially Friday night); 

a HUGE 'thank you' to Linda Hagler for her absolute diligence as a Registration Queen;

to my Best Site Administrator, Nametag Wizard and Slideshow Producer - Mary Patchell

and Donny "The Pro" Patchell as our Golf Guru - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU,

for all your hard work to help make this weekend happen!

And last but not least, if Yoyo Sellars Ketter hadn' t jumped in to help, the reunion might not have been so

complete!  Thanks Yoyo, for your "direction in the directories", the after hours spent at your office and for all

the fun putting on this party!  You rock, girl!

So, for now, everyone keep in touch, check back often, and watch for a new date for the 40th Reunion.

And never forget

"On, on ye Rebels!"