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Prior to 1962, Jordan School District had only two high schools, Jordan and Bingham. Population growth in the Salt Lake Valley created a need for another high school, and the District built “Hillcrest High School” that year at a cost of $5 million.

Though the community was skeptical of the amount spent, to replicate this building today would cost well over $100 million. When Hillcrest opened in the fall of 1962, 1,500 students were enrolled. The grounds were unfinished and the auditorium had a cement floor. At the first assembly, students were sitting on the floor because the seats had not been installed yet. It took two years of debates and negotiations to decide on the name of the school mascot, the Hillcrest “Hillbillies” or the Hillcrest “Huskies”.

For its first ten years, Hillcrest was surrounded by fields and farmland. One of the largest chicken ranches in the Salt Lake Valley was located just south of the school.

In the history of Hillcrest High School, boys’ cross-county, girls’ volleyball, girls’ track, girls’ basketball, baseball, boys’ track, boys’ basketball, girls’ gymnastics and drill have all taken state championships. The Hillcrest High School baseball team won four state championships in a row from 1981-1983.

Hillcrest High School has had only seven principals since it opened: Jensen, Schick, Lovato, Garrison, Hansen, Steele, Linda Sandstrom, and currently Susan Malone. Hillcrest High School has stood proudly for almost 50 years and will continue to represent pride and school spirit for many years to come.


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