Missing Classmates

If you know where these Classmates are please share our web address with them:
If you know the email address for any Classmate below you can click on the Classmate's name to quickly send an email invitation to our site.

note:  This list includes classmates we've been unsuccessful in finding, members on the "Millburn HS Class of '66 Directory" Facebook group page who've not provided their emails, or those folks we haven't heard back from that we thought we'd found.  If you know how to reach them - email, phone number, etc. - or some clues to find them - spouse's name, city they once lived in, etc - please let us know.  Thank you!

George 'Crazy George' Albanese
James 'Jim' Ambrose
Michele 'Shell' Applebaum
Patricia 'Patti' Arons (Perri)
Cynthia 'Cindy' Barrett (O'Brien)
Davida 'DiDi' Berger
Michael 'Mike' Berlet
Hayden 'Hay' Bogert
Anne 'Annie' Buckner
Virginia 'Ginny' Clark (Applebaum)
Stephen 'Steve' Coffman
Anthony 'Drifter' Colavita
Jeffrey 'Jeff' Corey
Edwige 'Vivi' DeLucchi (Di Chiara)
Jeffrey 'Jeff' Doyle
Alfred 'Fish' Fischer
Melvin 'Mel' Friedman
Richard 'Goob' Golber
Terri Green (Kronengold)
Sheila 'Has' Haslam (Williams)
Gail Henry
James 'Big Jim' Henry
Claudia Hihn
Paul Hirsh
Elizabeth 'Betty' Holmfelt (Koenig/Ko…)
Peggy Hosford
Jon Jennings
Joyce 'Johns' Johnson (Kingston)
Edwin 'e. Jay' Kaiser
Elizabeth 'Biddy' Kaplan (Kempinski)
John Kelley
Roy 'Hank' Kirch
Deborah 'Debbie' Kleinman
Stephen 'Steve' Kraemer
Kenneth 'Ken' Landow
Laura 'Lu' Lehrhoff
Sandra Macedo
Mary 'Crazy Mary' MacLeod (Driggs)
Robert 'Mac' McGlaughlin
Nancy 'Nance' McWilliams
Carol Modeski (Munson)
Robert 'Rob' Moore
Gay Morgan (Bilney)
Robert 'Spider' Murray
Dorothy 'Dottie' Partington
Richard 'Rich' Perrin
Linda 'Ray' Ranero (McClone)
Stephen 'Steve' Rothbart
Karen Smith (Billington)
Lynn 'Lucky Lynn' Thomas (Smith)
Cynthia 'Cyn' Van Sant
Russell 'Russ' Willmon
Thomas 'Tom' Wilson
Linda 'Wulfie' Wulff (Pokorny)