2015 - 40th Reunion Weekend


LETS PARTY!!  We had a great crowd at the Boxcar (about 60 people) and the place was packed. What a great time and a really cool venue.

The HS tour was led by none other than Dr. Bill Miron, principal.  Remember him wrestling?  The main  part of the school remains as we remember except that Senior Bench and the smoking patio are gone.  Many additions since our day.

The Reunion Dinner was incredible....beautifully decorated, great food and wonderful company!  Pictures will tell a bit of the story....

Sunday at Taylor Park...nothing more wonderful than a great MD Sloppy Joe, good friends and a warm sunny day!

Hope you enjoy the memories...until the 45th!!

Galleries are below.  (photo credits are listed but an extra special thanks to Clare Librizzi and Neal Drasin for many superb photos)

Boxcar Meet & Greet
48 Photos  9/30/15
High School Tour
31 Photos  9/30/15
40th Reunion Bash
61 Photos  9/30/15
Picnic at Taylor Park
14 Photos  9/30/15