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Hello All King Generals 

We had very different Reunion year!  There was two Reunions!  One in Milwaukee that was a Cocktail Ketch-up on October 12, 2019 and I believed they had a good time, catching up! The Second one was an entire weekend in Lake Geneva at the Grand Lake Geneva...and we had a ball!  Joe Jackson was sorry that we missed anyone who could not make it but the photos did not tell all!  We even forgot to take a group photo!  Can you belive that? That's a never for our class!   Well it's all over and not it's time to pack up everything and re-group.  Do some evaluation, make some changing and put the website under construction!  Make room for change!  Joe was a Great Chairman and he allowed the committee to the planning and it was a great team!  Then next one is all up to you all to be active!  

I will be sending out an email to invite 1980-1983 to join us!  I want to rename to website to make it one big King General multi-classes but it will be up-to-you-all.  If nothing else, you all can be up-to-date on the things that I keep everyone abreast of....Rufus KIng Generals Lives!  Not everyone is on Facebook!  My time on FB is going down, and maintenance on here is going way up!

If you are not a member of this website and would like to join please contact us at  



Have you located any missing classmates? Please let me know!  Better yet send them the link to our website.  Even if they have no interest in reunions, we will like to keep in contacts for important matters such as events, memorials (deaths), and etc.

If anyone would like to share their photos and is unable to upload them to your profile, please send them to  Please remember that not all our classmates are on Classmates, facebook websites.  Also if you are posting photos of other people, please make your profile private out of respect for others privacy. 

LaRhonda Wells, Website Administrator