Reunion Photos

Below are just a few of the photos from the reunion.  To see additional photos click on following link:

Be patient, in may take some time for all photos to be loaded to your computer.  If you want to get a copy of any photo do the following:

1. Click on the photo, it will then come up as a large single photo.

2. At the top of the photo you will see a "More" drop down menu, click on it and select "Download Photo"

3. The photo will be downloaded to your computers "Download" folder.  It will show up with a title such as DSCxxx.JPG.  The xxx number will be different for each photo.

4. Upload the phot to your photo software, such as iphoto, open the .JPG file and print directly, or download it to your photo printing service such as Walgreens or Shutterfly.


Reunion Committee