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•   Ron Owens  11/8
•   Camilla Bullock (Mills)  10/24
•   Dick Conant  10/16
•   Alex Cole  10/7
•   John Pace  10/7
•   Marty Suydam  8/9
•   Frank Cuoco  7/6
•   George Harrison  7/2
•   Mary Inez Bellante (Panicoe)  4/10
•   Eric Davidson  4/1
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 59.6%

A:   202   Joined
B:   137   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


Dear Classmates,


The class website has received the following email bouncebacks. Please check and see if you are on this list and please follow the prompts or call me directly at 732-741-4421 or email me at and I will help you reset your email. 


Email Bouncebacks


Why do emails bounce? Emails can bounce for a variety of reasons. The two most common are:

  1. Classmate changed email address and former email address is no longer valid.
  2. Receiving email server was temporarily down or inaccessible.

How do I fix a bounceback problem? You cannot do it yourself. Here is the procedure for handling bouncebacks:

  1. Contact the classmate at a different email address or by phone. Inform the classmate that his or her email address is bouncing.
  2. When the classmate logs into the web site a copy of the bounce notice is displayed.
  3. Classmate has the opportunity to enter an updated email address. If current email address is valid classmate may opt to keep current email address.
  4. Classmate must click the link provided to send a verification email (this is to be sure email is actually getting through now).
  5. Classmate must receive the verification email and click the link inside. The bounce problem is now solved and classmate can receive emails from the site again.

Important: The classmate must be involved in the solution. Until the classmate clicks the link in the verification email, no further emails from the class web site can be sent.


Name Bounced Email Date View Select
Amy Straw (Loveland) 08/22/18 VIEW
Judie Jones (Watson) 08/22/18 VIEW
Agnes Buldo (Ciotti) 08/22/18 VIEW
James A. Bowers 08/22/18 VIEW
Robert Jiggets 08/22/18 VIEW
Lynn DeHart (Kurdzialek) 08/22/18 VIEW
Edmund J Mischio 08/22/18 VIEW
Dolores Pelham (Clark) 08/22/18 VIEW
Isobel Paterson (McCormick) 08/22/18 VIEW
Kathy Arnott (Watters) 08/22/18 VIEW
Tom Hall 08/22/18 VIEW
Richard Bull 08/22/18 VIEW
Frank Quinby 08/22/18 VIEW
Ginna Lyons-Ohlmuller (Ohlmuller) 08/22/18 VIEW
Karen Jones (Fraser) 08/22/18 VIEW
Karin Stadtlander (Walter) 08/22/18 VIEW
Bill Morgan 08/22/18 VIEW
John Downes 08/22/18 VIEW
Jack Conaty 08/22/18 VIEW
Mary K Arny (Reaske) 08/22/18 VIEW
Susie Riter (Schweppe) 08/21/18 VIEW
Jean Ricks 07/16/18 VIEW
John Engstrom 07/16/18 VIEW
Al De Caito 07/16/18 VIEW
Brian Little 07/16/18 VIEW
Don Petrone 06/03/18 VIEW
Patty Cooper (Walker) WALKERPATM@AOL.COM 04/02/18 VIEW
Wayne Hansen 03/07/18 VIEW
Roy Brandell 02/27/18 VIEW
Lucy Riddell 02/05/18 VIEW
John (Bill) Sylvester 01/08/18 VIEW
David Harris III 12/21/17 VIEW
Chris Roehrer 11/23/17 VIEW
Kathy Morton (Adams) 10/16/17 VIEW
Terry DeSimone (Smith) 09/29/17 VIEW







Jeff Suffes  12/10
Bruce Clark  12/15
Dorine Pelham (Gibbs)  12/15
John Woolsey  12/23
Edmund J Mischio  12/24
Otis Boggs  12/28
Allan Breithaupt  1/4