Happy 65th Birthday!


Happy  65th Birthday Class of 1970!

 How Many Ways Did Lancers

Come Together To Celebrate? 

Up North, Golf, Jimmy Dee's, The Rec Bowl, and a BQ!

Thanks to all that joined us!

If you have photos of any celebrating you have done this year, please post them on your profile!

(Vacations, Birthday Parties, Family Photos, Retirement, or any Adventure)




Dennis Greathouse and John McCormick



Dan Soenen


Jim Couto, Linda Szymanek Bennett, Joy Lewis



Dennis Greathouse and his wife



Maureen DeWitt Sopoliga and Jim Findlay


Aubrey Glefke


Bill Nicolai and Pat Young Klingbeil

Carl Stier and Mark Sanborn 


Chris and Carl Lapplander



Debi Snyder Pitcock and Jim Findlay



Debi Boccaccio Detroyer and Maureen DeWitt Sopoliga


Bob and Linda Knapman Brozovic

Happy Birthday to the LC Class of 1970!


Ed DeRose cutting the Lancer Birthday Cake.

 Mike DeHate singing in the background.  Mike has a fantastic singing voice!


Randy Buckman ('69), Linda Szymanek Bennett, and Bill Nicolai



Debi Snyder Pitcock and Pat Berger

Aubrey Glefke


John and Shirley Pascaretti

Joy Phillips Stuart, Frank Van Bael, Marilyn Van Bael ('72)


Robbin Ansley, Kathy Unstine Hennessy, Pat Young Klingbeil


Lee Burt


Stan Wilczek ('71) and Linda Szymanek Bennett


Bill Nicolai



John Sopoliga and Maureen DeWitt Sopoliga


Lenny Lomaugh


Diane Doppke Vigneron, Debi Snyder Pitcock, Debi Boccaccio Detroyer

Paul Fuhs 

Dennis Greathouse and his wife


Pat Garvey ('71) and Gary Lapplander ('71)


Joy Lewis, Dan Soenen and Debi Boccaccio Detroyer


Carl Lapplander and Jim Findlay

Vicki Buckman and Diane Doppke Vigneron



Joy Phillips Stuart and Ann Thomas Wilbur

Joy Lewis, Mike and Melissa DeHate


Front Row:  Marilyn Van Bael ('72), Jane Lawrence Routledge, Debi Boccaccio Detroyer,

Joy Lewis, Debi Snyder Pitcock, Linda Szymanek Bennett,

Diane Doppkee Vigneron, Toni Prokuda Garvey ('71)

Back Row:  Paul Fuhs, Frank Van Bael, Carl Lapplander, Jack Keller, David Routledge,

Kevin Garvey, Maureen DeWitt Sopoliga


Vicki Buckman (Kevin Garvey in the back)

Jane Lawrence Routledge and David Routledge


Kristy and Gary Ruprecht 


Debi Boccaccio Detroyer and Barb Findlay


Diane Doppke Vigneron and Jim Couto


Pat Young Klingbeil and Mike Klingbeil


Danny Soenen and Maureen DeWitt Sopoliga


Joy Lewis


Dennis Greathouse and John Pascaretti


John Destroyer and Debi Boccaccio Detroyer


Denise Hackett Smith on the right and her daughter on the left!


Debi Snyder Pitcock and Lenny Lomaugh


Cindy McArthur Stachowiak and Larry Stachowiak


Mike DeHate, Jenny Russell, Melissa DeHate


Marsha Jones Creelman, Jane Lawrence Routledge, Ed DeRose




Jane Lawrence Routledge, Sandy Mumberson Belyea,

Linda Szymanek Bennett, Debi Snyder Pitcock

Ed DeRose with crazy hat on


Jane Lawrence Routledge, Joy Lewis ,Debi Snyder Pitcock,

Debi Boccaccio Detroyer, Jack Keller,

Linda Szymanek Bennett, Diane Doppke Vigneron


Debi Snyder Pitcock and Vicki Buckman


Kristy and Gary Ruprecht


Diane Dopkee Vigneron and Dennis Greathouse


Carl Lapplander and Bill Nicolai

Debi Snyder Pitcock and Linda Szymanek Bennett

Front: Marilyn Van Bael ('72) Frank Van Bael

Carl Lapplander and Debi Snyder Pitcock

Vicki Buckman and stranger at the bar!



Bill Nicolai and Dan Soenen



If you have photos from the 65th Birthday Events, Please Send Them To Me At: