Junior High Teachers


Mr. Hersh, Mr. Baber, Ms. Kaser, Ms. Dobbs, Mrs Zuk, Mr. Curd and Mr. Sprunger





High School Teachers 


Ed Smith, Principal  and John Armstrong, Assistant Principal



Which Drivers Training Teacher Did You Have?

If you have a crazy driving story, please share it on the "Lancer Chat" on the Home Page. It could be during drivers training, at the Michigan Bureau while taking your driver's test,  or after you received  your license.





These should bring back some memories of the teachers and classes you had in your Sophomore Year.


English Teachers

Front Row:  Mrs. Pomeroy, Mrs. Lobdell, Mrs. Dittrich, Miss Taylor

Back Row:  Mrs. Zelinski, Mrs. Muzi, Mr. Fournier, Mrs. McCarthy, and Miss Montgomery



Math Teachers

Front Row:  Miss Baden, Mr. Roth

Back Row:  Mr. Portale, Mr. Beard, and Mr. Lundquist




Science Teachers

Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Munro, Miss Nartker and Mr. Maciejewski




Foreign Language

Mrs. Shoemaker, Mr. Stephens, Mrs. Nwanko, and Mr. Kelley




Speech and English

Mr. Richter




Social Studies


Sitting:  Mr. Liebnitz, Miss Waisanen, Miss Kopp, Mr. Mount, 

Standing:  Mr. Gill, Mr. Cleven, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Jordon, Mr. Arvo, Mr. Nickel




Industrial Arts

Mr. Kear, Mr. Roslund, and Mr. Shoemaker






Quiz Time!


How well do you remember some of the Male Teachers from our junior high and high school years?
Grab a piece of paper and a pencil, number 1-10, and try and match the names with the faces!  Good Luck!
A.  Mr. Stuart Baber
B.  Mr.  Fred Cady
C.  Mr. Howard Lewis
D.  Mr. William Trudegon
E.  Mr. Dan Murphy
F.  Mr. R. E. McElliott
G.  Mr. Dan Lockwood
H.  Mr. Rodger Bunton
 I.   Mr. Jim Dooley
J.   Mr. Don Otto
Photo 1
Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4
Photo 5
Hint:  You might have had him for Government Class.
Photo 6
Hint:  He taught chorus
Photo 7
Hint:  Biology Class
Photo 8
Hint:  Study Hall and Boy's Gym Class
Photo 9
Hint:  You might remember him if you got in trouble in junior high
 Photo 10
Hint:  8th Grade English and Social Studies
Scroll down for the answers once you finish!  (No Peeking Until You Are Done!)
1.  Photo 1 is C / Howard Lewis
2.  Photo 2 is H / Roger Bunton
3.  Photo 3 is I / Jim Dooley
4. Photo 4 is J/ Don Otto
5. Photo 5 is E/ Dan Murphy
6.  Photo 6 is D/ William Trudegon
7. Photo 7 is G/ Dan Lockwood
8. Photo 8 is B / Fred Cady
9. Photo 9 is F / R. E. Elliott (Assistant Principal)
10. Photo 10 is A  / Stuart Baber
If you got 10 out of 10 you must have a fantastic memory or, worked for LC!
If you got 8-9 out of 10 that is very impressive!
If you got 6-7 right, GOOD JOB!
If you got 3-5 right, don't worry, it has been 50 plus years for some of these photos!
If you got 0 right you must have been driving around Mt. Clemens rather than going to class!

8th grade science teacher..Charles Mc Clain.   I believe that is Stu Baber's butt in the photo...nice photo.  I believe they are playing the game Twister at Vicki Buckman's party.