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10/07/11 07:29 PM #7    

Susan Swager (Becraft)

Jay said it all, but, as always, I have to add my two cents. I can't remember laughing so hard for almost three days, to the point at which I almost needed the Heimlich Maneuver. What a wonderful time I had! My greatest gift was getting together with Diane Kessler, Regan Hall and Melodie Campbell for a l..o..n..g lunch on Saturday. The four of us hadn't been together for 50 years, but it was like the time melted away. Isn't it amazing how good friends can pick up exactly where they left off all those years ago?

Another great gift was the FoE luncheon on Saturday. What amazing classmates I had back then, and they continue to amaze me now.

But I cannot sign off without mentioning the infamous hats, Caddy Durkin Harper! I had planned to be dignified, but I don't think runny mascara and wine spewing from my nose is mentioned in any etiquette book. Every time I think of The Hat, I start to laugh all over again. Is this a titter of a well-bred woman from Mount Lebanon and Mount Holyoke??? It's more like a belly laugh from a TV comedy.

Seeing dear friends and reconnecting with people I hadn't known quite as well was something I will always treasure. Everyone should be this lucky!

Many, many thanks for a perfect weekend,

Susan Swager Becraft

11/30/11 09:16 PM #8    

Deborah (Debbie) Brower

Thank you all again who did so much to make this such a wonderful event - the pictures bring back wonderful memories of reconnecting with good not old friends...the happiest of Holidays to everyone.  Debbie


12/05/11 03:24 PM #9    

Randy Martin

Great reunion photos and I am sure everyone had fun, sorry I missed it.  One suggestion though, photoshop names with the photos.  It's been 50 years since I have seen everyone and for some reason, no one looks the same. 

08/11/12 05:44 PM #10    

Jill (Mary Jeannette) Hagan (Morriss)

Mike Reed (aka Pied Piper of the class) is persuasively gathering participants from unlikely GREAT DISTANCES to come to the 7-Springs celebration on the weekend of Sept 28th 2012 and some of us can stay only one night! Retirement does afford more spontaneity than one imagines. I am told Melodie Campbell may be hosting a Friday night gathering at her "nearby" home and that sounds like a delightful way to take the roll call for Friday arrivals...we will be among those. I think my husband Frank agreed with minimum protest because he read that Falling Waters is nearby and hopes to see it. What he doesn't realize is that he will need to be in "wedding attendance attire" to comply with a 12 noon check out and arrival at a 4pm wedding in Upper St. Clair. Hope to get to reminisce with many of my warmly remembered classmates. Please come.  




06/15/15 12:26 AM #11    

Bob Cope

Had a mini Mount Lebanon reunion at out 50th Denison University Graduation Reunion, 28-30 May 2015! Me, Mike Reid, Don Kredel, Jeannnie Kernahan and Ed Davidson all have won the "Still on Tthe Right Side of the Grass Award."......

Bob Cope

Here's a pic of the first three:

06/15/15 01:06 AM #12    

Bob Cope

And here are Ed and Jean!!


06/16/15 01:19 PM #13    

Stoddart Smith

Hi Bob!

Thanks so much for the pictures of the reunion. I still think back on our success with the swim team, and you were an integral part of that. I was on the high school website, and read that one part of the construction project is building a new swimming pool. I can visualize John Lindsey and I sitting in the stands in 1956 and looking at swimmers using the pool for the first time. From our house on Lebanon Ave. above the football field, I can remember following the construction of the pool step by step.

When I was in Washington DC, I went to the Vietnam War Memorial and looked up Dave Nicholas who was a part of our success. He was a '62 graduate. Dave was a Navy Seal and was killed in a crossfire in October '69 in the Mekong River delta. Sure enough, there he was on the wall - David Lamprey Nicholas. My oh my, all those names.

The 50th reunion was so great. It meant so much to me, and I should have stayed a few more days to get to know classmates I unfortunately I never really knew. Hopefully, we can have another one.

All the best,

Stoddart Smith


08/09/15 01:04 PM #14    


Nancy Degnan (Davis)

Nancy Degnan Davis, Linda Menke Grabner and Sharon Shuttleworth Galm.  What a lovely but brief reumion of old friends in Chautauqua this summer.


08/09/15 02:08 PM #15    

Mary Jane Edwards

Beautiful !  Thanks to Nancy for sharing with us.




10/31/15 08:48 AM #16    

Linda Menke (Graebner)

Any chance of a 55th reunion?  Bob's class is getting organized and I'm really jealous!  It could be very simple.  Just a place to gather and talk would be so great.  If we wait until 60, many of us will be missing.  I appreciate that this is a labor of love for those of you in Pittsburgh.  Your previous efforts have been deeply appreciated.  Wish we could have made the 7 Springs gathering or the one in FL.  Linda Menke Graebner

01/03/16 02:52 PM #17    

Richard Esposito

Wishes for a Healthful and Prosperous New Year for all.  And rumors swirl about a possible "61 Does 55" get together?  I'm voting for Deep Creek Lake.  We all meet on the dock at the Will O' The Wisp, jump in and swim to the other side, like I did so many times back so many years.  This would be good!

Still mired in the Working Class, but perhaps that's a plus.  Back last month from a trip East to try and raise some dollars for a new fund ~ we'll see where all of that goes.   And, I managed to return to Ann Arbor in October for the 50th Reunion ~ went straight to the Kappa Alpha Theta house to ask if I could pull one last shift as a bus boy.  Great memories of so many good times working in that kitchen, dedicated to the task of serving all those princess sorority girls.  The House Mother allowed me in, we did a walk around, but today, it's all Buffet ~ no more white shirts and clip on ties for the waiters and each night, trying to remember if the fork goes on the left or the right.  Times change.

New adventures and perhaps even a few hurdles in the next year.  But all with a morning thanks for the gift of another day.

All things good.

Richard Esposito

01/04/16 09:20 AM #18    

Gayle Van Sant (Heller)

Go Blue!  Happy New Year, Dick!

01/04/16 09:43 AM #19    

Linda Menke (Graebner)

Happy New Year to you too!  I was a Theta at Wisconsin and have a waiter to thank for my 50 years of wedded bless.  A wonderful guy named Dale set Bob and I up with a blind date and the rest, as they say, is history.  Bob is already studying the West Marine catalog.  Last summer we crossed Lake Michigan and cruised the ports of Grand Traverse Bay, Little Traverse Bay, and Beaver Island.  Altogether, we had a month on board.  Quite an adventure for a couple of aging sailors.  We are leaving in a few minutes to go to Cleveland for the funeral of Caroly Eck Richardson's husband, Bob.  You may remember Carolyn as a tall, really smart, red-head that joined our class in our soph. or jr. year.  Super nice girl and woman.  Love hearing ffrom you.  One of these days we will get back to CA and would love to see you.  Linda Menke Graebner

01/05/16 11:15 PM #20    

Richard Esposito


Thanks for the note.  Hope all's well with you and family. A project underway here to is find a home for my Dad's somewhat extensive collection of music and books.  I made an appointment with the University of Michigan Music Library when I was there in October.  Their collection is HUGE, and the head of the deal was not sure if they would have a spot for all our stuff ~ might already have two of everything in the stacks right now.   If you have any ideas on who or where would be a good home, I would appreciate any advice.


So what is the chance that two old souls from Cochran Road would end up as Sorority Sisters!!   And fellow yachtsmen as well!!  It IS a small world afterall, as Walt often said.  I wish I could remember the secret Kappa Alpha Theta handshake, but oh well, lots of other great memories of great times in and around the kitchen.

If you've not yet laid out a course for the Summer O'16, perhaps consider setting that compass to passing under the Mackinaw Bridge and over to the Les Cheneaux Islands.  A long time and still a Dear Friend was a Theta back in Michigan days and has for years maintained a place on "Big La Salle" Island.  I was in Alpena for a business related venture a few years back and set up the trip to include a long weekend at their truly lovely home. Easy anchorage out from their dock, and truth be said, the place so so huge, they would not even know your were there.  But I would make the introduction.

We might even plan to be there at the same time.  I have a rowing boat project underway with the idea of shoving off from Balboa Island, pulling down the West Coast to the Panama Canal, then the quick jaunt over to Florida, up the Intercostal Waterway, across the St Lawrence, a stop over to see Judy Hall at her waterfront manse just East of Rochester, and then, Hey, a few more strokes and I'm at the top of Lake Huron... and swapping Sea Tales with you and Bob..  Yes, this could work!

Still a few issues to overcome on this end.  I roughed up a set of plans, bought some quality boards over at Austin Hardwoods, and started nailing nails.  But even with good intentions and an embrace of the idea of a point on one end and the flat side on the other, at least from what I see when I stand on the dock down on the water, it's just not quite exactly right??  I'll take a few more snapshots on the old Leica and head over to West Marine for some advice.

To All Of You Cochran Roadies,

Continued wishes for a Healthful & Prosperous 2016!  All things good for all!

Richard Esposito


01/06/16 12:30 PM #21    

Sally Horsman (Lake)

When you are at the top of Lake Huron, hop in a kayak and paddle down the Georgian Bay to Parry Sound.  A few portages  would bring you to our cottage on Crane Lake.

01/06/16 08:15 PM #22    

William Tournay

Yo Richard.  For practice (and with fewer bandidos) you could row up the Calif. Coast, through the Golden Gate, accross the Bay,  into the Delta and up the Sacramento.  Davis is a a short, 17 mi. portage, unless you catch the train.  Lemonade will be waiting for you. 😊

- bt

03/14/16 10:37 PM #23    

Richard Esposito


Up the Coast...   Yes... A good idea.  I'm working on a screw ball deal in the Sacramento Delta where an enterprising soul wants to convert what was a recyclying facility into a ~ you'll never guess ~ BIGGER recycling facility.  All that's missing is a few million. That leaves as the opened ended question ~ if it did not work well small, exactly why will it succeed big.

But that doesn't matter ~ I now have a Business Purpose trip and there's not even the slightest possibility that an IRS Auditor will not embrace the merits of a six months up and back row to see the property first hand.  The portage to Davis...  that's going to take some thinking.  Wonder if some sort of Land Sailing rig might do the trick??

Vero Beach Mini Reu55ers, 

How great for all of you! A good time was had by all, I'm sure.  Now, when do we see the GOOD photos, as in all of you out there Windsurfing across the Indian River!  THAT's what the Enquiring Minds want to see. Maybe something like this ~ me heading back from Avalon...  

If only....  but I did teach Chris, and Will, and Molly what little I knew and it's all great memories of coasting around Newport Bay from our old house on Balboa Island.  Nice times.  And more to come

All things good for all. Stay in touch, please.

Richard Esposito


03/15/16 01:57 PM #24    

Grant Meyers

Hello All, I'm sorry Reanie and I didin't make it to the mini reunion. We had a conflict with some trips planned to visit my kids. I'm still working because it's the force that keeps me going. I've tried golf, fishing, hunting, boating and scuba dove around the world but I like work best. However, Reanie and I are trying to take more time off and let my younger associates make the day to day calls. Technology keeps me in touch with the business and our customers have no idea I'm gone. The young guys probably do a better job than this old fart anyway The picture below is Fred (Larry) Wagner and me in Jackson, WY last October. Fred and I have been friends since he moved to MtL in 4th grade  and have always stayed in contact. Panasonic likes to have there sales meetings in Colorado so Fred and I have been able to get together frequently in recent years since he lives in Boulder. Reanie and I actually spent about 10 days with Fred and Mary in October in Boulder and a side trip to Jackson WY where they own a time share. We visited Yellowstone and roamed the back country in their minivan checking the fall scenery and taking pictures of wild life. Life's amazing, every time we get together it's like it's yesterday and we are kids again only fater and slower. Best to all.



03/15/16 05:05 PM #25    

Deborah (Debbie) Brower

WE missed you Grant hope you make it if we do it again next year - will be the same weekend as Under the Oaks

10/10/16 08:14 PM #26    

Malcolm Love

Wanted to wish a happy birthday to Diane White, so am doing just that, and Diane, we want you to know that it is about time you joined the old folks at age 73 here and now on October 10th, 2016.  Your old friend, Malcolm

11/23/16 07:17 PM #27    

Richard Esposito

Great Thanksgiving for all of you  Cochran Roaders.  Another year almost wrapped up, And with something in the range of only twenty five to go, better get the still untied projects wrapped up.

Discouraged by whatever would be the outcome of the elections, I reached over for some alternate refuge from the storm, and looks lilke the pieces are falling into place.  I was only a few bucks short, but by great fortune, the current owners were willing to carry back a small first, so not sure exactly when, but with even a smidge of luck, we should be dual citizens soon.  

A little work for sure, but actually, the house is not in such bad shape, but the pool down in the basement will take a little work:

I'll send photos of the relaxing on the veranda watching the sun set over the quiet sea as soon as I make it to the veranda.  Feel free to just drop in.  No firm rules yet, but for now, maybe bring a swim suit.

All things good for all.


10/02/17 09:27 AM #28    

Jeanne Benson

Hi Jay, 

Judy was my best friend in high school and beyond. She had a great marriage,and 2 lovely  children, boy and girl. Unfortunately she developed inoperable brain cancer and passed away in 1989. She was the same age as her father when he passed of the same ailment. Her mom never recovered emotionally and was never the same. It was tragic to see such a loving family suffer. I stayed in touch with her mom until she moved into assisted living. She was a great and wonderful person and a really good friend. I remember her lovingly! Jeanne Benson

01/13/18 12:41 PM #29    

Jay Cheney


I spoke with Judy's husband to get some of the information I posted.  He was very gracious and obviously appreciative that some information on her life would be shared with our class.



07/22/18 05:00 PM #30    

Jay Cheney

I have been trying to get some information about Alan Mandel's life for the past several years in order to post it in our In Memorium section with no luck whatsoever.  If anyone has any information about Alan, it would be greatly appreciated


12/14/20 12:52 PM #31    

Richard Esposito

Hey Everyone,

First, great thanks for the several Happy Birthday wishes.  It's hard turning Fifty Five,but... no stopping that running clock.  My Daugher, Molly, made me a cake and how clever that she used the Roman Numerals to spell out "Fifty Five" with a third "L" as a wish for another Fifty ahead.  Yes... So clever...

Quiet times over here and probably everywhere else as well.  The hope is that this time next year, we'll all be back to somewhat more normal days.  Life goes on either way, so it's wishes for a Merry Christmas for all and as best a possible, a Good New Year ahead.

All things good.  RE

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