High School Memories

Class Motto:      We Finish Only to Begin

Class Colors:      Crimson and Gold

Class Flower:      Yellow Rose


                        Senior Class Officers 

President:           Pete Smith

Vice-President:    Sheldon Bieri

Secetary:            Bob Dahl

Treasurer:           Mike Fuller

Valedictorians:     Pat Bloom

                         Jane Melson

                         Marilyn Werner 

                         Kathy Woodhouse

Salutatorians:      Paul Bieri

                         Cheri Goddard

                         Janan Schlichting


Girl:                   Karen Kaeding


Boy:                   Gary Fisher


Queen:               Karen Kaeding


 Class Will

"Butch" of the Senior Class              Karen Kaeding

Romeo and Juliet                           Cheri Goddard & Jim Whitmore

The "Hustler"                                 Mike O'Brien

Senior Clown                                  Sheldon Bieri

Mouth of 1970                                Sharon Miller

Swinger                                         Sue Wenger

"Gretch"                                         Bruce Gantenbein

Harry-est Sr. Guy                             Buddy Busch

Wacky                                            Bob Weiss

Senior Class Insect                           Bug Janice Katherin 

Meanest Monitor                               Chris Skubal

Miss Teenage America                       Marti Phillips

Information Booth                            Louise Brockway

Sr. Girl with the loudest laugh            Geri Drawbaugh

Natural Blonde                                 Cathy Fisher

Proxy Locks of 1970                          Tim Hunter

Sr. with the most freckles                  Gail Shepley

Prettiest Teeth                                 Mike Bridges

Sloppiest Eater                                 Mirta Perez

The Odd Couple                                Silvin Reed & Mike O'Brien

Gas of the Class                               Jim Stark

Acadamy Award Winner                     Thom Lawrence

Sr. with the Worst Jokes                    Jan Hoopes

Biggest Turkey                                 Jan Hoopes         

Most Gullible Sr. Girl                         Wendy Coulter

Longest Hair                                    Marla Romine      

Guy with the reddest Ears                  Ron Noll