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Female 2022 High Point female and overall. GFC Trawicks Butter owner Gene and Teresa Sanders, breeder Cody Trawick.


Male 2022 High Point Male GFC K&K Longhorn, Owner breeder Keith Williams / Kevin Hurtt

Female 2021 high point hound and overall high point, GFC K&K Wicked Witch, owner breeder Keith Williams / Kevin Hurtt

Male 2021 high point hound, K&K Longhorn, owner breeder Keith Williams / Kevin Hurtt



Female Asfba 2020 and overall high point hound, Trawicks Butter, owner Gene and Teresa Sanders



Male Asfba 2020 hound of the year, K&K Bigshot, owners Keith Williams and Kevin Hurtt


Male ASFBA 2018 and 2019 Hound of the Year, National Champion / Grand Champion, Trawicks Ace High, owner Scotty Long


Female 2019 Hound of the Year Field Champion K&K Jazzy, owner Keith Williams and Kevin Hurtt

Female 2018 ASFBA Hound of the Year, Field Champion Yates Wilma, owner Charlie Yates 


ASFBA 2017 Hound of the Year, Grand Champion Dogtown Red Head, owner Scotty Long


ASFBA 2016 Hound of the year, Grand Champion Chocolate Icing, owner Billy Rice


ASFBA 2015 Hound of the year FC Roll Or Go Mackie, owner Clint Polk


ASFBA 2014 Hound of the year Trawicks Black Ice, owner Cody Trawick


ASFBA 2013 hound of the year, NFC / GFC KKH Ark Shooter, Owner Kevin Hurtt


ASFBA 2011 & 2012 Hound of the year, GFC KKH Ark War Admiral, owner Kevin Hurtt