Washington Sr. Trip


'Twas the day after graduation, And all through the town, Not a creature was stirring......

at 5:00 A.M. except sixty-six excited seniors!  This is the big day--the day we start on our Senior Trip.  We board twin buses of the Bortner Charter Bus Service at 5:15, Saturday morning, June 6.  For awhile the chattering is loud, but gradually it dies down; and by the time we hit the turnpike many of us are catching up on the sleep we did not get the night before.  Our chaperones wake us when the bus stops at Howard Johnson's for toast and coffee about 8:00.  We all brought food to eat in the bus, but we still welcome the rest stops once in a while.  Each of us has a chosen "seat buddy" whom he keeps for the duration of the trip.  We look out for each other--making sure neither is left behind at one of our stops.

It is a 12 hour trip to the famous city of Williamsburg, where we hope to arrive in time for Saturday night dinner at the Tourist Center.  After checking in at the students' wing of the Williamsburg Lodge, some of us take a dip in the pool, and others go for a stroll through the town.

The next day we take a three hour guided tour through Williamsburg, stopping in time for church.  The town abounds in atmosphere, as Williamsburg was recently "restored" to what it was in the 17th century days.

From Williamsburg we go to Jamestown, another restored area.  In this historical spot we enjoy seeing replicas of the three boats which brought the colony of 1607 to Virginia and are thrilled to discover our plans include a sail out on the bay.  We spend Sunday night at the Hotel Chamberlain at Hampton Roads, where the Monitor and the Merrimac battled in the Civil War.

Monday morning we explore Fort Monroe and Yorktown where Cornwallis surrendered to Washington.  On the way to Washington we stop at Mount Vernon, Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and the Statue of Iwo Jima.  Our first glimpse of Washington is caught from the lawn of the Lee Mansion high above the city, Monday night we stay at the Annapolis Hotel in Washington, and after "dressing up" have dinner and see a floor show at the Lotus Supper Club--then on to a late movie.  The Senior Class certainly resembled Zombies the next morning.

Seeing all the interesting things in Washington really packs the next two days.  On our tours of Tuesday and Wednesday, we see the Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Bureau of Archives, Bureau of Engraving, National Art Gallery, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Voice of America, White House, Capitol, National Cathedral, and the Franciscan Monastery.

Tuesday night we are stuffed with a scrumptious dinner at Hogate's, a famous restaurant on the Docks, and then until midnight enjoy a moonlight boat ride and dance on the Potomac, stopping at an amusement park on the return trip.  There were several thousand students from other schools also on the boat.

Wednesday we finish our sightseeing of Washington and leave in the afternoon for Gettysburg and Harrisburg, where we spend the night at the Holiday Motor Inn. Here the Senior Class has a swim and its farewell banquet amidst luxurious surroundings.  Thursday we tour the Hershey Chocolate Company and see the beautiful Hershey Rose Gardens--eat in the Capitol at Harrisburg--then start back for New Wilmington.

Sixty-six tired, but happy, seniors arrive back in New Wilmington late Thursday evening.  As we leave the bus, we are still bubbling with laughter from the many funny things that happened on the trip.  For many days, and even for years, we recall the memorable times we had as a class on our Washington Trip.

'Twas the morning after the Senior Trip and here's the latest--a real hot tip:  From all o'er the town we hear not a peep for the Class of '59 is fast, fast asleep.

Arlis Orr and Toini Laitinen