Elaine Findley Solomon

Profile Updated: September 24, 2010
Residing In: Honoka'a, HI USA
Occupation: Teacher (retired)--the last 18 years in Special Ed
Children: Lili, born 1965; Aaron, born 1973
Lili is the mother of my two precious granddaughters: Shinae More…(13 in Oct.) and in 8th grade; Sylvie, 9, in 4th grade.
Lili followed the footsteps of both her dad and me--she has taught grades 2, 3, 5-6 and high school, 9-12. My son Aaron lives in Plum Village, France (east of Bordeaux, in the southwest) along with about 60 to 70 other "brothers"(or monks) and "sisters"(or nuns) from all over Europe, Asia and the U.S. Thich Nhat Hanh, a peace activist, scholar, poet/author, and a "bridge" among the world's faiths, is their Zen teacher. "Thay," (Vietnamese for teacher), as his students respectfully and lovingly call him, has retreat centers in France, California and New York. At the age of 83, he continues to write books (100 titles in English alone) and lead retreats. Mindfulness in walking, speaking, sitting, eating and interacting with others is at the center of his teaching. I've traveled to France three times--for both summer and winter retreats, and in Feb., '07, to attend Aaron's ordination as a "novice" in his "Sangha" (a Sanskrit word meaning community). Over the past four years I have gained so much insight into mindful living. The Buddhist practice is in no way exclusive; in fact the practice embraces all faiths, spiritual paths and doctrines. One of Nhat Hanh's most widely-read books is "Living Buddha, Living Christ," which points to the common ground shared by Buddhism and Christianity. My son continues to daily read the New Testament and recently told me, he's currently reading the book of Paul's letters to the Galatians. Our family here in Hawaii was blessed in Sept., '09, to have Aaron visit us here on the Big Island for a week. He says his Sangha will return for another U.S. retreat tour in summer of 2011.
Yes! Attending Reunion
School Story:

A special memory for me is "Kid Day" in our senior year. Miriam (Werner, now Winter) and I dressed like "Raggedy Ann's," in bright red print dresses with white pinafores. Miriam's hair was in braids; mine too short for braids....but we carried twin rag dolls wearing miniature dresses of the same red fabric. If my memory serves me, I believe that Kid Day was in May, close to our NHS Graduation Day, (which I so clearly recall as being on May 23, 1960). It was a fun-filled, totally carefree, "homework free" day. Miriam and I are still the best of friends but, of course, no longer dress like twins.
Who else remembers how you dressed that day and who your partner was? Wow, fifty years/four months ago (to the day, as it is the Autumnal Equinox today, Sept. 23, 2010).
Who recalls all the fun we had at the Latin Club Roman dinners, lounging in our togas on the floor and eating with our fingers....? And the wonderful celebration of "Saturnalia" (in December). Miss Bonnie Selanders is still, after all the years/teachers, my most favorite teacher of all!

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Happy Birthday Elaine, I think of you often and hope all is well with you. May the next year bring you much happiness and many blessings. Madelyn

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Sorry these birthday wishes are a day late. Hope you had a wonderful day and you are safe from the volcano eruptions. It is nice remembering the fun times we have had.

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Hi Elaine, May you have a very happy and special Birthday.

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Wishing you a wonderful birthday! Hula, Luau, friends & family--all you need!

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