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Share your thoughts regarding the 30 year reunion held July 24-25, 2009
1 midnight toker
08/11/09 10:35 PM by Ken Beed
5 RE: Fire at Panda garden?
07/17/09 04:07 PM by Jonathan McIntosh
An area where people can reminisce and/or speculate on the events before, during and after the infamous evening.
12/12/10 11:57 AM by Brian Benson
Tell us about your favorite teacher. What made them so good? How have they influenced your life?
5 Mr Fletcher
05/26/09 08:39 PM by David Doane
Tell us what you'd like to see at the 30 year reunion. Looking for ideas, concepts, etc.
5 RE: Moment of Silence
06/07/09 12:58 PM by Jonathan McIntosh
Tell us about your most memorable moment at Norfolk High School.
1 RE: Dances in the forum
05/13/09 04:56 PM by Dallas Hixson